Small spaces are some of the most challenging to arrange. In fact for anyone who’s never owned a small space bringing life out of any tiny space can be a hard nut to crack. I have seen many people come up with very cool designs for some small space decors. Meaning, it’s not quite an impossible task to pull. But what are the most basic things to have before you start designing your small space?


Kitchens are some of the most vital sections of our homes. For a small space there isn’t any difference. You will most definitely need a place to run a cappuccino, fry your rice, or get that meat ball done. Small spaced kitchens can usually make do with small sized microwaves, a single doo cooker/ oven, and a small sized fridge.

Use much of the upper space to get more space down. Create shelves, hooks, small cabinets, and right under the work top steal a few storage cabinets. You can always fix your microwave on a side shelf while your cooker at the top of the worktop. Leave some space beside the cooker where you can always chop and prepare ingredients.

Your kitchen can always double up as your living room. A side space with a dining table or single couch can make do especially if you live in a two roomed house. Irrespective of the size a pull out table and two seats can double up as a living room. You can also bring in a couch and spruce up your walls with some pretty cool wall decals.


Small rooms don’t come with freedom of space. Meaning there will be no Jacuzzi, Sauna, or a fitness center. That doesn’t stop you though from enjoying the most ideal lifestyle. For the best health care, buying a therapeutic mattress for instance the best air mattresses for everyday use will be an awesome way to trim lifestyle practices out.

The best air mattresses are inflatable and will give you a customized fill according to your needs. You can also bring in a conveyer belt for you morning runs. You don’t have to hit the road. Most rails will require very small area. Fixing one next to your air mattress is cool especially if you have no kids around. Ask an expert to help you set it up.

Your bedroom can contain a double deck bed. This will pretty cool in maximizing the use of your minimal space. One bed on top of the other and hooks for hangers against the wall creates more space for movement across the floor. At one extreme end you can set up a bathing area. Use a shower curtain and fix an ideal drain for your bathtub.

For most home owners looking at such a small space deign you will realize that you have almost every room in your large house; kitchen, living room, bathroom, fitness area and many more. Such designs are super cool for condos, cabins, and a vacation home.