Best American Standard Toilets – Reviews and Buying Guide

When faced with the task of choosing the best dual flush toilet for their use, many people get confused on what to look for. In this post, we sampled up some of the best American standard toilet reviews and gave you a simple toilet choosing guide to use when looking for the best toilet.

Top 9 American Standard Toilet Reviews

Our reviews are simple and have been well-researched. They depend on top seller brands, user reviews, personal experiences, and also toilet features. Take a look at what we have put together for you today.


American Standard Siphonic Dual Flush Normal Height Toilet




American Standard has manufactured toilets for decades. Siphonic Dual Flush Normal Height Toilet is one of its top designs. With a dual flush capacity, you will really love this toilet’s high efficiency and low water consumption. It is WaterSense certified and comes with a siphon jet bowl mechanism that is spruced up by a PowerWash rim.

It is one of the best dual flush toilet system (gravity assisted) that you can still buy from the market today. With its elongated design, the two-piece toilet is still one of the best designs for people with very limited toilet spaces in their homes.


American Standard Cadet 1.6 gpf Right Height Elongated Toilet




The Pressure Assisted Elongated Cadet Standard Toilet is the perfect fit for a home with the elderly and also those living with disabilities. It a two-piece toilet with a 12 inch rough in. The toilets siphon dual pressure assisted flushing jet technology is highly superior and also very easy to use.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning the toilet. The EverClean technology gives the surface a top finish that keeps off mold and bacteria. The toilet has a rim height of about 17 inches with an easy to use a left lever. You can easily install it alone.


American Standard Siphonic Dual Flush Elongated Toilet




Another top design from American Standard is the Siphonic Dual Flus Elongated Toilet. It has an elongated design that will easily fit into that small shower room. Additionally, the toilet offers you Water Sense technology with low water consumption rate and high efficiency. It is a great design to cut costs.

It has a 12 inch rough in and an actuator at the top of the tank for easy flushing. The toilet is highly durable and you will offer you an easy time with your loved ones too. However, the seat is never included when buying.


Amaerican Standard Cadet 3 Right Height Round Toilet




This best American standard toilet design comes in a triangular design. Its features are similar to those of the Siphonic Dual Flush Right Height Toilet except for the shape and the round bowl. The rest is the same.

This toilet offers top ADA specifications and will work well with the elderly and people living with disabilities. If you buy it, the easy to clean vitreous china design will help you to keep the toilet’s hygiene at the top.

You can buy this toilet online at some of the best stores.


American Standard Flowise Cadet-3 One Piece Toilet





Standard round toilets are some of the most efficient toilets that we have today. The American Standard brand has been at the foremost at making some of the best of this design. One of its best designs of the same is the Flowise Cadet One-Piece Toilet with a round seat.

It also has a compact design with an elongated bowl and a round front. This toilet is ADA compliant and offers its users a high efficiency with very low water consumption. The toilet like many others that we have seen here supports WaterSense technology and includes an EverClean surface.


American Standard Cadet 3 Right Height Toilet




The American Standard Cadet 3 Right Height Flush toilet is another design from the infamous American Standard Brand.

It is easy to install and will provide your home with a premium performance that only the best toilets can give. Thanks to its spot on features.

For starters, this toilet has a Maximum Performance (MaP) tests capacity that sets it at a highest possible rating of handling 1,000 grams of pure solid waste in just a single flush.

It also has a larger Siphon Trapway that helps it to reduce clogging and maximize on flushing power with minimal water use.

This is super cool as it adds the large diameter that the Cadet 3 toilet comes with an easy roll through its fully glazed, 2-1/8-inch trapway.

And because the trapway has a concealed design, cleaning your toilet will be really easy as there are no nooks to worry you at all.

Its round front design also minimizes the use of space while the Flowise technology boosts water use efficiency to 1.28 gallons per flush that EPA standards demand.

Thanks to the 3” chemical resistant toilet flush valve that this system comes with, water will enter the bowl quickly and you will also enjoy a longer flapper lifespan.


American Standard Afwall Wall-Mounted Toilet





Another top rated American Standard toilet design is the Afwall Elongated Bowl Wall-Mounted Toilet.

With a unique wall mounted design, this toilet is good for homes with limited spaces and low or medium traffic too.

The toilet, which comes with a Maximum Performance (MaP) score rating of  1,000 grams of solid waste in a single flush have one of the best water efficiency technique.

It meets all the EPA standard guidelines and provides an awesome dual flush of between 1.1 gallons per flush and 1.6 gallons per flush. Thanks to its powerful direct-fed siphon jet action and a fully glazed 2-1/8″ large trapway that makes waste flushing look so easy.

The toilet flush valve comes in the unique wall-hung elongated flushometer valve design so that water can flow through pretty fast.

If you want a toilet that will work for you 80 percent faster than the normal 2-inch flush valves standard toilets, this is the real deal.

The bowl space is elongated; meaning that you will easily have a comfortable seating touch. While the color is shinny white to blend in easily with your home décor and themes.

Installation is easy and you will save a few dollars on buying a seat as this toilet comes with a seat already included.


American Standard Champion-4 Right Height Toilet





The American Standard Champion-4 Right Height Toilet is also a top rated model from the American Standard Brand.

It has a MaP capacity of over 600 grams of solid waste and comes with a top-rated elongated standard height siphon action jetted flush technology.

Nonetheless, many users love it for its 2-3/8inches fully-glazed large trapway design and the Everclean surface that keeps your toilet very clean with the minimal water through its flush system.

You can actually say goodbye to waste adhering and use this low-consumption 1.6 gallons per flush / 6.0 lpf toilet to save water and at the same time get a clean toilet with the minimal water flush capacity.

Thanks to its 4” piston action accelerator toilet flush valve design this 12-inch rough-in toilet will fill the tank with water in no time and release an extra powerful flush every time you hit the flush lever.

Get a quitter and faster flush and an included slow close toilet seat that will prevent you from slamming your toilet.


American Standard H2Optimum Siphonic Right Height Elongated Toilet


The American Standard is one of the best toilets with a great price in many e-commerce sites.

It is made out of vitreous china clay that leaves it with very durable qualities. The toilet enjoys an elongated in design that gives it a stylish ramp and which also makes it perfect for small bathrooms. It comes with a chrome lever for a unique and classical touch that blends in well in all modern homes.

And if you intend to keep the bills on the low, there isn’t any need to worry; the toilet is equipped with WaterSense technology set at 1.28 gallons of water per flush. It also enjoys the ever-clean technology with the anti-microbial surface that keeps mildew and mold away without a hassle.

Use this toilet with a power wash scrub and enjoy super clean toilet rims today. Get a comfort height and an Ultra-High Efficient toilet!


Tips for Finding the Best American Standard Toilet

It’s so true. Finding the Best American Standard Toilet isn’t easy. But with these follow-up tips finding that type of toilet could easily become fast and efficient.

Best Flush Rating

Toilets are lifetime investments. With proper care, they can last a decade or more. It is important that you take a toilet that gives you exactly that. Toilet rating is what determines this. Make sure you compare toilets before buying so you know its exact rating.


Pressure-assisted toilets will make your work really easy. Another option is the gravity toilets. However, we recommend going with the pressure assisted toilets as they easily help you to save water. They have tanks separated from the seats and when flushed will release a high powered pressure flash.

Easy to Keep Clean

Cleaning a toilet is labeled by many people a “dirty job.” Well, the ride might get rough sometimes especially if you have a clogged toilet. But overall keeping your toilet clean is very important. Choose an easy to clean toilet. A one-piece toilet is a great bet.

Comfortable Design

Sitting on flashing toilets can sometimes feel rough especially if the bowl is not fitting. Choose a comfortable toilet to sit on. Your toilet should have an elongated or round bowl with great size. The height should also be ideal. An American Standard Toilet is a good one.

Ideal Rough In Too

If the rough-in is too big, objects that you place over the toilet tank will fall into the bowl or floor. If it’s too small the toilet won’t fit! Always get a toilet with the right rough in. Most standard rough ins are about 10-14 inches.

Shop Around Always

You don’t want to pay more. You don’t want a bad bargain too. And you don’t want the worst toilet in terms of performance, design, quality, and brand. So make sure that you shop around and get the best toilet that fits your budget.

Terms You Should Know When Buying Standard Toilet

Standard toilets come with various terms that you should be well conversant with before buying a flush toilet. Some of the terms include these ones.

ADA Specifications

You must have probably heard about toilets that comply with ADA Specifications. ADA Approved toilets are toilets that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. They are toilets that have been designed with people living with disabilities in mind. They make it easy for such people to make use of them.

ADA Compliant toilets are no less than 17 inches in height and no more than 19 inches in height too. These toilets must also come with lever flush technology. So, check out on lever recommendations – many toilets seem to ignore it more.

Water Sense Technology

Another latest technology that flushing toilets use is Water Sense Technology; it is run by EPA and encourages flush toilets to conserve as much water as they can. Toilets that have been designed by this technology use 20% less water to flush wastes.

Usually, the traditional toilets use 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Toilets with water sense technology use 20% less (1.28 gallons per flush). This saves about 16000 gallons of water annually for every toilet that uses the water sense technology.

The Toilet Rough-In

Rough-in is the distance between the wall at the back of your standard toilet and the toilet flange. The distance is usually taken with a tape measure from the back wall to the middle of the closet bolts. The standard rough-in for the best standard American toilets is usually 12 inches. There are other toilets that are also 10 inches or 14 inches.

Elongated and Round Bowl Shapes

Elongated and round are shapes in which the toilet bowl comes in. Elongated toilets are meant for smaller spaces while round bowl shapes will fit a spacious toilet space. Elongated bowls are also much more comfortable than round bowl shapes.

Common Problems Standard Toilets Face

The best American standard toilet reviews have highlighted numerous problems that toilets face. However, the ones that cause sleepless nights, high water bills, and extensive damages in your home include the following.

Random Flashes

Believe it or not, toilets sometimes develop worrying “ghost” flushes where toilets simply flush from nowhere. This can be scary especially if you are home alone. Nonetheless, it’s nothing to be scared about. It is caused by toilets that constantly run due to damaged flapper, leaky tanks, or poor float. It is an easy DIY fix that can be done by changing the valve.

Weak Flushing

Some toilets that are designed to save water are never quite efficient when it comes to giving the powerful flush, especially if the design is poor or if the toilet is installed poorly. Make sure the instructions are properly followed when you are installing your toilet. The manufacturer’s instructions will come in the user manual.

Overflowing Toilet

Poor float levels will leave your toilet overflowing. What this means is that the level of water in the toilet tank will keep rising above the overflow opening. This can easily damage your floor. It is simple to fix too. Access the toilet’s float system – usually comprised of the float bar and ball. Adjust the bar to a level where the water doesn’t rise above the overflow.

Which Toilet Height is Comfortable?

ADA compliant toilets are considered to be the most comfortable toilets. It is designed to fit the elderly and also people living with disabilities. ADA Compliant toilets are required to be at a height of not less than 17 inches and not more than 19 inches.

Nonetheless these toilets are not the only comfortable ones. Standard toilets also have a very comfortable height. They are usually designed at 15 inches in height and will comfortably fit the kids too. So if you need a toilet that’s best fit for your young ones, I would suggest getting the 15 inch height instead.

Which Type of Flushes Do You Get Standard Toilets

American Standard Toilets will offer four different types of toilet flushing mechanisms. Depending on the flushing design that you need, you can either have any of the following flushes in your home toilet.


Gravity system is the most traditional toile flushing mechanism. It is also somewhat the cheapest flushing design that you will get today. The toilet’s tank is usually raised up to create a flushing pressure.

When you release the water in the tank by pulling down the flushing handle, the gravitational pull will send the water in the toilet tank down with a powerful force which ends up pushing the wastes through the drain system.

Basically the gravitational flush uses the siphoning action to clean your toilet bowl and to send waste along the main toilet drain.

Pressure Assisted

This type of flushing mechanism uses water that has been pressurized and filled in a different chamber. When you have used the toilet, this pressurized water will be released to clean up your toilet bowl.

However, the pressure may sometime be quite limited. This disadvantage makes pressure assisted standard toilets to be some of toilet systems that often get easily clogged. And because of the technology used to pressurize the water, the technology may also leave you with a noisy system.

Dual Flush

The dual flush system is rather new in the toile industry. However they are taking the market by storm as they have proved quite dependable. Dual flush systems offer partial flushing for different types of waste (liquid and solid waste). By doing this they will easily help you to save up to 25% of the water that you use. This is more efficient than that of the standard gravity toilet systems.

Double Cyclone

These come in customized designs. They are highly specialized and could be referred to as the best. They are better alternatives to the best standard American dual flush toilets. The technology uses the smallest amounts of water but with the same force as that of normal flush thus eliminating the problem of blockages.

Using the double cyclone technology is a great way of keeping your toilet bills on the low and having less water to use too.

Frequently Asked Questions on Standard Toilets

Many people will still have a number of concerns when buying flushing toilets. We have laid out some of these concerns and their ideal answers.

What are the best American Standard Toilets brands?

That depends on your choice. However, toilet brands such as Kohler, American Standard, and Saniflo have proved to be highly dependable and very easy to use. They are also so known for high quality and top durability.

What is the one Very Important Thing That You Need to Check When Buying a Toilet?

There are a number. All of them are important. They include water use efficiency, price, design, and also structure of the toilet. However, the warranty is one of the things that we lay the top most weight on especially if you still new with toilets.

What’s the Difference between One Piece and Two Piece Toilet?

One piece toilet comes with the toilet tank and toilet bowl attached. The two piece toilets have these two sections separated. In two piece toilets the tank and the seat come separate and can also be installed separately.

How Do I Measure the Rough In?

The rough in of your toilet is measured from the wall at the back of the toilet to the middle of the closet bolts and not from the middle of the closet bolts to towards the wall. This is important if you want the correct measurement.

We have used and tested a number of these toilets that we have laid here and found out that they are truly effective for both personal and public use. They don’t clog easily and will give you an easy time during cleaning and flushing. The toilets are also long lasting.


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