Bookshelves are an essential part of any house or apartment. If you’re looking for a fun DIY project this weekend and you love to read, check out our easy DIY bookshelves for some home decoration ideas and inspiration.

You can make your very own easy DIY bookshelves from scratch or you can use an old, pre-manufactured bookshelf and transform it following our list with bookshelf ideas. If you’re looking for color schemes – you won’t find them here. However, if you’re eager to find out what types of shelves you can make and what sorts of materials you can use, keep reading further.



We’ve divided our list with awesome DIY bookshelf ideas into six different categories according to their style and the materials they are made of – ladder shelves, bookshelves made out of rope, DIY bookshelves from crates, woods and palettes, invisible bookshelves, and floating shelves. All of these bookshelf plans come with easy step-by-step tutorials with photographs of the process, which will help you follow the laid out guidelines in order to create your own shelves. Some of them are quite suitable for industrial, minimalistic, rustic or vintage styles, while others are applicable for any type of style and any type of room. You can also use these ideas for other types of storage shelves, not only for books, folders or magazines.


As you can guess, the first types of DIY bookshelves are made with ladders. You can use metallic ones or wooden ones – it’s up to you. Repainting and decorating them is left to your own imagination. They are super easy to construct and they look absolutely amazing, especially if you want to place them as center pieces in your home. Casa Haus offers a great  DIY bookshelf idea on how to make a super simple, yet eye-catching ladder bookshelf. If you’re looking for even more storage space and another type of ladder bookshelf ideas, you should check out this easy bookcase design. It’s just as easy as the first one, but it offers much more storage space. And if you’re looking for something a bit subtle, a bit less rustic and more inviting, then the guys from Instructables have just the thing you need. Check out their tutorial on easy DIY ladder bookshelves, which comes in 5 simple steps.



Using rope shelves as DIY bookshelves is another brilliant DIY idea, which is not only creative, but super easy. These types of hanging DIY shelves are great for neat storage not only for books and you can craft them for any room and for any size of available space. This DIY bookcase is for a tiny hanging bookshelf and it shows the way you can mount such a shelf to your wall without having to go through the trouble of drilling tons of holes and then spending an hour attaching the shelf to them. You can also stylize your hanging DIY bookcase design with double ropes to recreate the basic style of a book stand. A Piece of Rainbow offers a bookshelf plan for the latter type of hanging bookshelves. The possibilities are countless and they allow creativity and various styles so that you can match your DIY shelf’s style with the main style of the rest of the room in which you’re going to hang the bookshelf.


Crates/ Palettes

Palette furniture and furniture pieces crafted out of old wooden crates are popular among tons of acclaimed furniture designers all over the world. They match minimalistic, contemporary, chick, country living style, rustic, industrial, and every other type of interior design stylization out there. Here’s a colorful and easy DIY bookshelf idea for creating a bookshelf out of old crates for a child’s room. Instead of stocking the crates one over the other, you can also hang them on your wall and break them apart in various shapes and figures in order to create an awesome new design. Design Sponge will teach you how to do that in the easiest possible way. Check out these honeycombs DIY bookshelf plans for more inspiration. This DIY idea features some woodwork, but it’s actually simpler than it looks. And if you happen to be into palette furniture and you’re looking for a fun and extraordinary DIY shelf, click here to see what one designer did with a bunch of palette pieces.


Invisible bookshelves

Here’s an easy DIY bookshelf idea – invisible bookshelves! What are invisible bookshelves? They are basically shelf brackets without any actual shelves and the brackets are hidden by a book. The way to store books on these types of shelves is by storing one book over the other. Instructables offer a step-by-step tutorial for invisible shelves. If you can’t bring yourself to ruin one book for the base of the floating shelf (or more books if you’re planning on making more than one floating bookshelves), you should check out this DIY bookshelf, which is also created by the guys over at Instructables.


Corner shelves

Corner shelves are the best storage solutions for tiny spaces. You can get those online, but it’s better to engage yourself in an easy DIY bookshelf project and create your own corner shelf. Of course, there are countless DIY ideas when it comes to corner shelves, but we thought A Home West’s corner shelves were simply awesome. Head over to their website to see what supplies they used and how the final result turned out.

Six Easy DIY Bookshelves Ideas You can Try

Floating shelves

Last, but not least, is the standard floating bookshelf. While they don’t offer a lot of creativity, they are applicable, easy and provide enough storage space as long as you measure their width and length accordingly to your own needs and preferences. Family Handyman’s website has easy bookshelf ideas on floating shelves with a list of materials and photographs showing the step-by-step process of installation.

So, what do you think of these super easy DIY bookshelves? They are not only simple and creative, but they would also serve as additional storage space and even maybe a center piece to your room of choice’s accent wall. Not to mention the fact that they’ll engage you in an entertaining and purposeful DIY project, which will give you something to work on without feeling like you’ve wasted your time!