The sun is shining, the beach is more appealing than ever, and summer is awaiting you outside of your doorstep. Check out our amazing tips and tricks on how to remodel your bedroom with summer themed center pieces in order to bring the summer season indoors.

Firstly, you don’t need to remodel your entire bedroom. Nobody wants you to change every single piece of your entire furniture in order to fully customize your bedroom with a summer theme. Our list of ideas, tips and tricks doesn’t require great amounts of time and efforts, nor expensive decorations. In fact, all of these ideas are super easy, entertaining and some of them are even applicable as kid-friendly DIY projects, which you can carry out with your children.

So, without further ado, here are the main specters through which you can achieve a bedroom remodeling with summer center pieces.


Vases aren’t used just for storing faux or real life flowers. In fact, they can store all sorts of decorative objects, such as pebbles, branches, and so forth. Not only that, but they can also be center pieces on their own. Even an empty vase or a set of several vases could become an eye-catching summer center piece, especially if you want to achieve a remodeling on a low budget. In this case, Craftionary offers a list of DIY center pieces consisting of 35 DIY vases. Some of them, like the set of 3 marbled blue vases, are perfect for summer themed decorations. Several of these vases are quite masculine, so if you’re looking for something a bit less colorful and a bit less feminine, they would be a great choice for you. Check out Susan’s crafty summer center piece made out of dyed egg shell mosaics and blue paint. It’s super easy to make, it’s fun and eye-catching, and if you already have the materials at hand, you wouldn’t have to spend a dime on it!


Remodel Your Bedroom With Summer Themed Center Pieces
DIY throw pillows

Part of remodeling your bedroom is remodeling your bed. You don’t have to buy new sheets in order to match the summer themes – all you have to do is to get the right center pieces for your summer themed look. You can achieve this by throwing some DIY throw pillows on top of your bed. There are countless projects, tips and ideas on how to make your own throw pillows. Instead of heading to a store and browsing for hours until you find your perfect pillow, you can just buy some cheap fabric and follow the directions in the video tutorial below.

Flower arrangement

Flowers are an important part of every home. Not only do plants purify the air, but they have the magical ability to make any room feel more comfortable and cozy. If you happen to be one of those people, who just can’t look after plants, you can always opt for artificial, plastic or paper flowers. In order to achieve a summer theme, you can either go for beach-y colors like green, yellow, brown, turquoise, green, white and orange, or you can just decorate your flower arrangement with some summer themed figures – ropes, boats, anchors, shells. These types of decorations can go around your vases or on top of them. Or why not even among the flowers? Let your creativity flow and come up with the best flower arrangement to go with your own bedroom’s style. Country Living offers an awesome list of a total of 35 ideas for creative flower arrangements. Check them out for some inspiration for more bedroom renovation ideas. Not all of them feature colorful flowers and petals, so you’re bound to find something that suits your own taste when it comes to flowers and plants.

Flower arrangement

Beach themed center pieces

Adding center pieces to your nightstands, counters, chests, tables, windows and other types of surfaces in your bedroom is the easiest way to remodel your entire room and to give it that special, summer themed finishing touch. You can use everything – from store bought items from your corner dollar store, to DIY crafts, summer candles, gigantic sea shells, creative candle holders, and basically anything that comes in colorful shades. Summer themes often feature sea shells, wood, rope, nautical colors and beach-y vibes. Check out this bedroom renovation idea for making a fun and creative set of watermelon themed candles for this summer season. Jessica from Four Generations One Roof’s blog has published an amazing summer centerpiece without flowers consisting of summer themed candle holders, which are organized in such a way that they represent a stunning center piece. You can use this bedroom remodeling idea for other rooms as well. There are many DIY center pieces, which you can use, and Vanessa’s summer DIY idea is just another one of them.


Paint a column/ accent wall

If you want to go for a more permanent, bigger and thorough bedroom remodeling in summer themes, you can repaint one of the walls in your bedroom and make it into an accent wall. If you happen to have a more broken-up floor plan with columns or nooks you can opt for repainting a column. Nautical themes in blue are suitable for feminine and for masculine bedroom styles, so you won’t make a mistake if you choose a rich, brilliant blue color.


Hang wall art

Hanging wall art is another way of creating summer vibes with decorative center pieces. You can either go for one or two summer-ish paintings or photographs like the ones sold on Pottery Barn Kids right here or even create a creative set of wall art with paintings. If you don’t want to hang paintings, you can still go for other types of art – 3D images, relief mosaics, or sets of summer/ beach themed canvases like this one for $7 from Wanelo. Another way of hanging wall art is by installing colorful shelves and decorating them with even more summer DIY center pieces.


Whatever option, method and idea you choose – store bought or DIY – make sure you’re happy with it so that you can fully experience the joy of bringing the summer season indoors in your own bedroom or guest room. You won’t regret the newly added fresh and summer themed home décor center pieces as they’ll bring more liveliness and character to the atmosphere.