Pro Home Décor: How to Apply Smooth Wall Decals

If you are looking for the best options to breathe a new life to your home using home decors will be a great option to go with. In many occasions going for simple wall decors will be cost effective, efficient, and easy to manage. One of the best options to go with is the use of wall decals. Read along to find out the best ways to go around applying home decals.

A fancy home is a well decorated home. There are many ways to decorate your home. Wall decals are some of the coolest options you could use. If you are thinking of wall decals here is how you should do it the pro style!

Step #1

Wall decals are very delicate. In order to get smooth and highly attractive finish, keep an eye on the types of tools that you will use. Overall you need a pair of scissors, masking tape, spirit level, tape measure, and above all the decal. Decals come in three main parts, the backing paper, transfer paper, and the decal.

Pro Home Décor How to Apply Smooth Wall Decals

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Step #2

Next take note of the main space that you want to apply the decal. Use your tape measure to decide is the space is large enough. You should also take note of other existing decoration so that you bring in something that really blends with the rest. Colors and designs that match, blend in, or work with your wall will be cool. Brainstorm with loved ones for the best decal layout.

Step #3

Because decals should be very smooth you want to ensure the surface you are applying the decal is really ideal. An ideal surface should be clean, dry, and simply dust-free. In fact if your home is freshly painted wait until the paint is 100% dry. If the surface is wet or dump, the decal will not stick! So pay attention to the surface before laying the decal on it.

Step #4

Now place your decal on the wall and hinge it with the tape. Do this once you have sized up your decal and found the best place to lay it. Mask it temporally but ensure you hinge it preferably at the center. Hinging is really vital as it allows you to hold the decal on the center and enjoy the freedom of adjusting its position on the wall.

Step #5

Once you are satisfied your decal is well positioned, start removing the backing. Start at one corner and peel the backing off like you would a sticker. Fold the backing onto itself as tightly as possible. In case you used the “hinge” fold one side of the decal hinge over itself. Cut any excess parts that might come on while you peel off the decal.

Step #6

Your decal should now be applied. Using a squeegee tool smooth the decal to remove any air bubbles that might exist. This should give you an even and smooth finish. When doing this, work from the middle towards the outside part of the decal. Now remove the transfer paper by peeling it back like you did the backing paper to reveal your decal.

Step #7

Finally smooth the wall decal too using a dry towel. Don’t use a squeegee tool this time round. A squeegee on top of your decal is a disaster.

In case you are using the hinge method remove the backing from the second half of your decal, apply the second half of the wall decal, and remove the transfer paper from the second part of the decal too.

Home decorations are awesome. They will add style, design, and warmth to your home. Using home decals is one of the most ideal ways to go with. The rest include picture frames, artworks, wall paint hues, and wall painting.

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