Privacy Policy: HomeTips Lol

This privacy policy applies to HomeTips Lol and will only explain the policies of the website in regards to its content and the details that you give when looking for your best home product reviews.

This will be done in line with how we carry out our services and also we are committed to ensuring that we maintain the very best relationship between us and our esteemed readers all through the globe.

In addition to that, these policies are also explained in line with how we collect, protect, and use all the personal information that we will ask of you to give any time that you visit our website for your browsing too.

Apart from how the information we collect will be used or protected, the policy will also describe how we will maintain and if need be, possibly even disclose the personal information that you have entrusted us with.

Because of this, we maintain the need to read this privacy policy from time to time so that you can remain up to date with our personal requirements, commitment to a healthy relationship, and the need to have only the latest information that we are committed to working with for a better service provision. .

Absolute Control

HomeTips Lol controls all the information that is included in this website. However, any third party provider that we might choose to also engage can at times process and even store a number of information which might have been provided by you.

But that can only be done with our own permission. Even so, such instances are yet to occur and in case they do we will have to inform you before allowing such access to take place from our side.

Where Policy Applies

This Privacy Policy applies only to the details and information that has been collected from you through this website at any time.

It will also apply to the information that has been collected through our personal social channels and any other viable means that we might have chosen to engage in order to collect personal information from you at any time.

What It Does

This Privacy Policy will offer clear cut pointers on how your personal details are used, how you can access the information that you need or which you have provided us with, or that we may collect from you throughout our engagement.

Personal Information

 “Personal Information” as used within this “Privacy Policy” will mean any information about you – also known as (personal details) that will be able to be used anytime to either identify you directly or indirectly so that we may collect the information that we might need from you at any time.

What It Means

Submitting any personal information to us is upon your own discretion. Therefore, you might choose at any given time to refuse or even withdraw your personal consent to our privacy policy terms.

In case you choose to withdraw it means you will have automatically agreed that we cannot provide you with all or certain services as per your personal requirements and standards or also needs.

However, if you choose to submit the information to use then it means that you have totally accepted that we can at any time collect and also use the information that we need from you or which you have provided.

In addition to that, you will have also given a consent that we may at any time use, disclose, and transfer the information that you have given use in line with this “privacy policy” that we have given you and also as recommended by the law.

The Information We Collect

There are a number of details that we may at any given time ask you to provide us with. This information will include the following: your name, email address, location, and personal phone numbers.

How We Use the Information

There are a number of ways that we will use the details that you shall provide us with apart from creating your personal account and also allowing you to have easy access to our personal website. They include the following.

  • Completing and even modifying readership
  • Contacting you for subscriptions
  • Purposes of informing you.
  • Maintaining your own personal user account
  • Registering you for any contests and amazing prizing

The Use of Website Cookies

At HomeTips Lol we use cookies to make our website much more efficient for your own personal use.

We use cookies to track your favorite contents and prepare the content in such a way that you can easily access it when you need it. Using cookies also allows us to provide you with a quick update on the exact information that you need.

It gives us a heads up and leaves us with an easy option when it comes to monitoring the frequency of visits that you make to our website.

We can also have an easy time keeping tabs of what you love to read, consume, browse, and above all that the pages that you often visit such as best home appliances,  best home décor, and best home product reviews.

Disclosure of Information

In case you often come around to take a look at the best home decor product reviews after you have signed and we need to disclose your personal information, we can only do that under the following circumstances.

  • In case you consent
  • If required by law
  • When asked upon by the government
  • For any authorized legal procedures.

Protection of Information

Once you join our community, you become an esteemed member. Therefore we shall use every technology necessary to make sure that your personal information is extremely safe with us and that there isn’t any form of unauthorized access that is granted to your personal information.

Retention of Information

Whether you are here to get the best home appliance or read through the best home decor tips, we are always committed to keeping all your personal information very safe and we shall retain this information for as long you agree and allow that we have it as highlighted in our privacy policy.

Contact Information

You can contact us regarding our privacy policy any time you choose to. Simply click on the link and send us your direct message. We shall respond in no time.