Low Budget Small Kitchen Layout

My Kitchen space is pretty small but I have always wanted kind of a modern kitchen with a cool next-gen touch, stylish design, and a customized counter top among other things. So I thought how can I make this fit into my tight budget? I knew upgrading a kitchen could come at a price, but either ways I was determined to make it work for me. So here is what I did…

I Learnt Every Facelift Trick That I Could

I took my time to get every tweak that could improve my kitchen to the design that I wanted. This was easy. I only had to look through the internet, read cool kitchen design blogs, and relevant posts for any smart ideas that they had. You won’t believe it until you try it out, but the results were overwhelming. Here is what I found I could use with my tight budget and small kitchen space.

  • Drawn shelves and drawers.
  • Fixed-on-wall cupboards.
  • One single sink for all sink needs.
  • Hooks and hanging rods.
  • Fold up and store kitchen table.
  • Under cabinet storage shelves.
  • Slide in gas cookers and ovens.
  • Fixed wall shelves and wall cabinets.
  • Worktops that double as placements.
  • Shelves that can fold when unused.

I Identified the Areas That I Could Tweak

Because my kitchen is small I didn’t have the freedom of space so I really had to remain focused on what I could retain, move out, or bring in. Trust me with such a limited space you don’t want to push in everything you come across, no! My main areas of focus included the following.

  • Lighting and ambiance
  • Counter tops/ Cabinets
  • Storage and the layout
  • Outlook and wall décor

I Found the Right Experts for the Job

Having outlined my design, it was time for me to know how to start fixing the whole kitchen. Finding a professional expert was the way to go. Remember I was on a budget so here how I went about it. I looked through the internet, local hardware, and asked loved ones for tips.  When I had compiled the list of my favorite home improvement experts I got quotes and chose the most affordable one. Before getting the quote I ensured the guy I hired was on point for the job with the right licenses, training background etc…


I Planed All Work to Meet my Needs

After finding the experts I devised an easy method to go with, doing the renovation one step at a time. Here is how I chose to do it… wall décor, lighting, layout, and counter tops. Well these are the main aspects you must look into if you want a cool kitchen.

Step 1

The Outlook and Wall Décor: This came first. I needed something simple and within my spending capacity. Here is what I did.

low-budget-small-kitchen-layoutMy kitchen had emulsion paint on. The paint was still in good condition. I just washed the stains off. Next I brought in the hanging hooks and rails. I would in turn use these rails and hooks to hand my cooking spoons, pans, cutlery holders, and cleaning rags. The rails and hooks I choose to use were made out recycled wood that was literally cheap and highly affordable. I also bought a few others (plastic hooks) from the local supermarket at less than $2. Overall bringing in the hooks and the rails didn’t quite cost me above $50. If you check amazon for kitchen appliances you will find a better idea what you may need to decorate your kitchen.

Step 2

The Lighting and Ambiance: I wanted a cool and warm welcoming ambiance for my kitchen. I couldn’t however do extreme changes to the lights it would be costly.

I brought in a vintage light fixture that I got for less than $11. It was great at establishing the visual hierarchy that I needed my kitchen to have. The lighting points were efficient except one. So I bought a new socket for only $2. The lighting options don’t have to be expensive in fact there are under-cabinet lights online that go below $20 which anyone who wants to add a classy touch can also go for to the most stylish super cool small kitchen design ideas.

low-budget-small-kitchen-layoutStep 3

The Storage and the layout
This was the heart of my small kitchen design and I wanted it to be perfect. With a perfectly laid out kitchen the rest would be cool. Here is what I did to cut cost and get the best.

I added pull out shelves (sliding shelves) beside the fridge that was made out of cheap wood and maintained my drawer organizers. Against the walls I doubled up with fixed wall shelves and open cabinets. This gave me the freedom of space at the top. Wall shelves create more overhead storage space and leave you with a lot of floor room to move around in and fix your appliances too.

Step 4

The Countertops/ Cabinets: The cheapest way I chose to get a workable counter top for my kitchen was the use of a recycled wooden top.

I love wood. Wood is cheap, readily affordable, and highly durable if proper conservation an
d low-budget-small-kitchen-layoutcare procedures are used. My wooden countertop was laid out, vanished, and waxed. This is cheaper than any other type such as tiled and marble. On the left side of my worktop I fixed a simple stainless steel sink. Way cheaper than ceramic. On the right was a slide on oven and right above it a microwave fixed to the wall. This ensured I brought in very limited materials, minimized the costs, but maximized the use of space and the already existing materials for my small kitchen layouts.

Step 5

The Other Ideal Changes: In addition to all these, here are some other cools things that I brought into my kitchen.

low-budget-small-kitchen-layoutFirst I added a wine storage rack against my small wooden kitchen table to prevent any major fixture. I used my small appliances such as microwave, toaster, and blender for decorative purposes. Just beside the door wall I fixed in a six inch storage cupboard shelf.  I also didn’t have to tile the whole place except a small strip above the counter-top. Check this out.

Overall I didn’t quite exhaust my budget but I had a cool touch to my rather old and boring kitchen and ended up with a warm and stunning modern kitchen. Today my kitchen looks wow! I love to cook in it and it has quite turned into a memorable space for me.

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