Floor Mounted Door Stops

Floor Mounted Door Stops: Coolest Tips You Should Know Before Buying

Door stops are objects or home devices that can be mounted against the floor or wall to hold a door in an ideal open position or to help it stay closed in order to prevent it from banging against the wall or the door frames.

Door stops are widely used to also prevent door handles from hitting against the wall and getting damaged. Originally door stops were made out of heavy and thick materials such as
wooden or concrete blocks. Today, however, they’re made out of simple materials such as silver and aluminum metal with rubber.

What Types of Door Stops do We Have?

Depending on where the door stop is mounted we could have floor or wall mounted door stops. A floor mounted door stop is a doorstop attached to the floor. Its base rests firmly against the floor in order to hold the door in place and prevent it from hitting and damaging the wall. However, a wall mounted door stop gets fixed against the wall instead of the floor.

Again door stops can also be categorized according to the material that they have been forged out of. This will simply give us wooden, metallic, or concrete door stops. They can come in form of wages, sizable brick, or rounded shapes.

Top 6 Best Floor Mounted Door Stops

So which is the best floor mounted door stop that any homeowner could choose to go for today? Our experts sat down, researched, and compiled a list of the top 10 very best ones that anyone who wants a floor mounted door stop might choose. Here is the list. The door stops are affordable.

1. Deltana DSF3225U10B 3-Inch HD Floor Mount Bumper

The design mixes contemporary and antique. The floor stopped stands at 3 inches making it almost unnoticeable. It is also available is an array of finishes including silver, brass, and steel. It’s pretty awesome when fixed right, however, might leave a lot of damages on the floor if you intend to move. 

Deltana DSF3225U10B 3-Inch HD Floor Mount Bumper

2. The Duo Door Stopper from Nova Hardware

Made in modern design, this floor mounted door stop can be used for the wall too. It comes with concealed screws and stainless steel construction. It’s way below $30 in many shops that we visited making it readily affordable.

The Duo Door Stopper from Nova Hardware

3. Aluminum Finish Floor Mounted Heavy Duty Door Stop with Hook /Holder

One of the best floors mounted door stop with a hook. It is made out of brass making durable and has a sleek design that blends in easily with your home interior design. But iff the door is very heavy the hook might not really hold for long. Check for another option.

Aluminum Finish Floor Mounted Heavy Duty Door Stop with Hook Holder

4. Deltana DSF630U15 6-Inch with Hook and Eye HD Floor Mount Bumper

The design is awesome! Its heavy duty stands at 6 inches and comes with a hook and eye. It can be used with the rubberized end or a hook and holder if you like. Good thing is it comes both concrete and wood mounting hardware. In case the hook breaks use the rubber.

Deltana DSF630U15 6-Inch with Hook and Eye HD Floor Mount Bumper

5. INOX DSIX02-32D Cylindrical Floor Mount Door Stop on Satin Stainless Steel

This one operates more like the INOX DSIX05-32D Floor Mount or Wall Mount Door Stop, Satin Nickel except that the durable rubber is no longer on the tip but between the top and lower stainless steel plate. It might not fit concrete floors but it’s really cool for wooden floors. 

INOX DSIX02-32D Cylindrical Floor Mount Door Stop on Satin Stainless Steel


6. Baldwin 4510.102 Floor Bumper Door Stop with Oil Rubbed Bronze

The main reason this doorstop makes this list is its sturdy design and durable rubber bumper that’s fitted on a bronze stand. All these traits make the door stop durable and pretty much efficient for the many doors that we have today.

Baldwin 4510.102 Floor Bumper Door Stop with Oil Rubbed Bronze

What to Consider When Buying a Door Stop?

From my personal experience, there are a number of things that any homeowner must consider when buying a doorstop. However, these are some of the very best ones.

The Pricing

Door stops can be as cheap as $9 but also as expensive as $60. Look at the prices first will give you a good idea on which door stop to go for with reference to the price. Ensure you choose one that’s quite affordable and which doesn’t leave your wallet dry or forces you to break the bank. There are a number of cool designs that will fall just about $10 if you’re working on a budget, for instance, the INOX DSIX02-32D Cylindrical Floor Mount Door Stop on Satin Stainless Steel.

The Design

Door stops come in various designs. Some will come with hooks, others with side screws, while the some will come with screwing holes on adjustable base plates. The floor mounted door stop with hook comes with a holder too and a fitting base. Choose the design that blows you away. Personally, I’d go for the Ives by Schlage 441B26D Floor-Stop because of its sleekness and ideal heavy duty cast brass construction.


Ives by Schlage 441B26D Floor-Stop

It’s Durability

How long a doorstop will serve your needs depends on how well you take care of it and possibly the material that the door stop is made out of. Door stops that are made out of brass, aluminum, and wrought iron will last pretty long compare to those made out of wood, rubber, or concrete. A great example is the INOX DSIX02-32D Cylindrical Floor Mount Door Stop on Satin Stainless Steel that’s made of steel and the Rubber Door Stopper – Multi Surface Door Stop Wedge Holder in a 5-pack. The latter is made of rubber and will easily scar off until it can’t hold anymore.


The cost of maintenance of a door stop is also something that you should really look into before buying a door stop. Many door stops are usually maintenance free. However magnetic door stops will need quick replacement incase the magnet strength fades. Ensure your doorstop is firm. Easy maintenance door stops include the Deltana UFB5000U15 Solid Brass 2-Inch Round Universal Floor Bumper, Doorstop that’s made of solid brass and packaged with mounting hardware.

Deltana UFB5000U15 Solid Brass 2-Inch Round Universal Floor Bumper, Doorstop

It’s Installation

Can you install the door stop alone? Do you need an expert to come and install the door stop for you? If you are using an expert, can you afford to pay them? Installing the door stop alone will help you to cut costs. If this is what you need, look for one with a DIY fitting manual in it. The Duo Door Stopper from Nova Hardware is one of the simplest to install and comes with a DIY manual plus an option to mount on wall or floor.

The Floor Type

Is your floor wooden, laminate, vinyl, bamboo, or concrete? Wooden floors allow easy penetration and will allow the use of a cordless screwdriver. Concrete floor, on the other hand, might require the use of a steel nail to fix door stops. Look for door stops that fit your flooring needs. A Baldwin 4510.102 Floor Bumper Door Stop with Oil Rubbed Bronze could be very ideal on concrete while the Deltana UFB5000U26D Solid Brass 2-Inch Round Universal Floor Bumper is great for wooden floors.

Your Lifestyle

Someone with kids around might want to limit the wear and tear on their door. Meaning, they will require the use of a doorstop that keeps the door open at all times for the high frequency that it will be used. The best floor mounted door stop is a magnetic door stop or one with a hook on. The Aluminum Finish Floor Mounted Heavy Duty Door Stop with Hook / Holder will serve them best.

Your Budget

You might be able to afford every brand of a doorstop in the market, but your budget at the time might say otherwise. In regard to the prices, you have seen affordable door stop may be determined by the budget you set aside for it. Keep the budget in mind while window shopping. A number of door stops will fit a moderate budget including the Prime-Line Products J 4847 1-Hole Door Stop, Floor Mount with Satin Nickel that comes at about $30 in most online shops and many others that you could click here to see.

Prime-Line Products J 4847 1-Hole Door Stop, Floor Mount with Satin Nickel

How Can You Get the Best Floor Mounted Door Stops?

Getting the best floor mounted door stop is the easiest thing to do. Here are the top five tricks we have tested and found out to work super well.

  • Ask your loved ones say, pals, colleagues, and family.
  • Browse the internet and read customer’s opinions too.
  • Ask your floor contractor for the very best suggestions.
  • Visit the hardware and ask around for the vendor’s opinion.

How Do You Install a Door Stop (DIY) Plan?

Many people dread the use of door stops since they think these devices are pricey, hard to install, and pretty tough to maintain. Well, I’ve got news for you. Like I pointed out that door stops are quite affordable, they are also easy to install. In fact, you can simply DIY. In order to do it yourself here is what you will need.

  • A cordless screwdriver /awl.
  • The floor mounted door stop.
  • A screw to hold the door stop.
  • A pencil for marking the place.
  • A small ruler possibly 15 inches.

Once you have all these materials and tools, you could use the following DIY door stop installation plan to fix your floor mounted door stop. Many door stops are composed of a base, rubberized head or fixture, a hole on the base, and a side screw.

Step 1

Open your door to the exact point where you want it to reach, especially where the doorknob would be around 2 – 3 inches away from the wall. This is the ideal point if you want to prevent any scarring caused on your wooden wall by doorknob bumps and still allow free movements.

Step 2

Hold your door firmly with one hand. Use the other hand to place a pencil at the inside edge of the door and put a mark. The mark will help you to know the exact place to fix your doorstop so you can get the free space. The inside of the door is the side of the door that has hinges on it.

Step 3

Leave the door to close. Now using the pencil mark on the floor as your point of reference, measure a further 2 inches to the side where the hinges are and make another pencil mark. This pencil mark should now sit a few inches away from the wall. Possibly 2 inches as in #Step 1.

Step 4

If your doorstop has a base plate, unscrew the base plate to reveal the hole in the middle of the base plate. Place the base plate at the inside of the second pencil mark then use your cordless screwdriver to screw down the base plate through the whole in the middle. Use a fitting screw.

Step 5

Once your base plate is in place all you have to do is crew back the top. Make sure it really fits tight too and that the rubberized band or pad is facing towards the door. If it doesn’t you might be forced to change the fitting especially if the doorstop used was not the round shaped type.

Step 6

If your doorstop doesn’t come with a screw you can buy a tight fitting screw or use a nail. From Step #3 above, hammer the tip of the awl on the last pencil mark. Make sure the awl is smaller than the diameter of the nail or wood screw. Mostly works for floor mounted door stop with hook.

Step 7

And now for the test, open the door and let it rest on the doorstop. If the doorknob doesn’t hit the wall and the door stop doesn’t move, it’s perfect! Doorstop fitted, it’s that simple! Door stops rock and they are easy to fix. If you want to buy one don’t hesitate. It’s your always cup of coffee.

Why Do You Need a Door Stop for Your Home?

Door stops are very ideal for many homeowners today. Personally, I have been using door stops for over a decade now and they have served me really well. Here are some of the smartest reasons why every home should own a doorstop.

Prevents Numerous Damages

A door stop is fixed to prevent the door handle from banging against the wall. This will, in turn, prevent the handle from getting damaged or deformed. It will also prevent the wall from scarring as the handle will no longer bump onto it. This keeps your home in the perfect shape.

Improves The Home’s Decors

The modern types of door stops come in very many different designs, shapes, sizes, and styles. Some are round, rubberized, shinny, and metallic. The various designs allow you to choose the best fit for your taste and home’s décor. It will add more style and give a neat finish.

Is Easy To Install, Fix, And Use

Using a doorstop doesn’t require you to spend any more money to get an expert to fix it once it is purchased. Actually fixing a door stop is such an easy DIY procedure. You require no tech-know-how to do it. By simply following the manual you could have it working in no time.

Are Very Much Affordable Too

A door stop is one of the most affordable home devices that you’d ever come across. For only $10 you could get an awesome doorstop design for your home. If you want round or a floor mounted door stop with a hook such as the Aluminum Finish Floor Mounted Heavy Duty Door Stop with Hook /Holder still fine.

Prevents Any Noise Pollution

Doors make loud bangs when they hit on surfaces. Bangs can be so annoying. Door stops will prevent this noise and help the door to land smoothly. They have rubberized bumpers that absorb the bump softly.

In my opinion, doorknobs are known to bang so hard and punch holes in rock-solid walls. They are also known for badly scarring wooden walls and leaving them with ugly dents. Repairing the wall can be quite costly, time-consuming, and pretty annoying. To save yourself the inconvenience, get a door stop installed today. It is pretty easy and will last less than 20 minutes to do. But choose one that really fits your needs.

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