Cleaning Stained Toilet Bowl: A Simple Guide to Keeping the Sparkle

After a very long period of use, most toilets bowl will sustain a number of stains. These stains may range from toilet rings, scum from soaps, rust stains, normal stains and many other forms of stains.

Rust stains for instance are caused by the many mineral deposits that are found in the hard water that your toilet and plumbing system uses. Copper, iron, and chlorine are some of the most common minerals found in the water you use.

When such minerals comes into contact with oxygen, they react with the oxygen to form brown like rust stains in your toilet.

Nonetheless, the toilet equation is never complete without a number of disease causing germs. The mildew, mold, germs, and. bacteria if left overtime and without a good toilet mold removal routine will leave your toilet bowl with piled up stain.

 It is because of this that many home owners are often advised to have a good cleaning routine for their toilet. Such a routine will help in keeping the toilet clean and in turn prevent the toilet from turning into filth. Here is a guide to help.

Toilet Bowl Cleaning: The Step by Step Guide

Here is the simplest but most effective step by step guide for getting rid of stains from your toilet bowl. You don’t have to be a tech savvy to get it right. Enjoy!

Step 1: Turn off the Water Supply

Identify the shutoff valve for your toilets water supply. The valve should be at the back wall of the toilet. Turn the valve off. To turn off the valve, you should turn it anti-clockwise.

It is advisable that before you do any cleaning to your toilet you turn off the water supply. This will prevent any form water from rushing in as you clean. It will also may your work really easy.

Flush the toilet with the water in the tank. Hold the toilet’s handle down for some time. This will ensure that you get rid of as much water as possible from the tank to even clean the tank of any stains that have accumulated overtime.

Now plunge your toilet. Do a heavy plunge to make sure that the toilet bowl is rid of as much water as you can. If you don’t know how to use a plunger you can read a number of reviews that we have to help.

The Catch: For the best results you should work with a “dry” bowl. This saves the cleaner from any form of dilution with running water. Plunging the toilet and flushing off the tank easily leaves a dry bowl that’s easy to work with.


Step 2: Choose the Right Stain Cleaner

There are very many cleaners that you can use for your toilet. However, the best toilet bowl cleaners are customized to handle specific stains. A toilet bowl cleaner that cleans rust for instance should contain diluted hydrochloric acid. Let’s go with rust removal and see how it works.

Choose the best toilet bowl cleaner and pour it on your toilet brush. Use the toilet brush to spread the cleaner evenly around the toilet bowl surface.

Make sure you access the toilet’s nook and any other hard to reach surfaces in the toilet bowl such as under the toilet bowl’s rim. You can use a spray bottle to make that part of work easy too.

Allow the main toilet cleaner to sit in the bowl for a while; usually between (10-15 minutes) before taking a scrub. This gives the toilet bowl enough time to allow the stains to get lose so that you can have an easy cleaning time.

Caution: Never use your best toilet bowl cleaner for rust over any kind of bleach over rust as it will only set the stain and in turn leave your toilet as dirty as before. A set stain is not possible to remove.

Step 3: Give the Toilet a Scrub

If you don’t have a toilet cleaning brush you can buy one. A toilet brush with stiff nylon bristles and a plastic base is the best. Use the brush to scrub your toilet but remember, never use a steel brush as it will easily scratch the floor and damage it.

Take your time to brush the toilet bowl cautiously. Go through the toilet water jet holes (water holes beneath the toilet rim) and all through the toilet’s rim and any visible stains.

It is good to take as much time as possible but to make sure that you scrub until the toilet is free from any visible stains. You can repeat the process if you have to.

Once done you can rinse the toilet bowl and restore the water supply. Your toilet should be as clean as new. With a sparkle!

Tip: Always scrub very slowly and take your time. This will prevent the cleaner from spotting your carpet, vinyl, skin, or tile and causing any kind of damage. This is one of the best toilet bowl cleaning tips.

Step 4: Rinse your Toilet with Cold Water

Once the rust stains disappear you can rinse your toilet’s bowl with cold water until it remains spotlessly clean.

Additional Toilet Cleaning Tips

  • Put a water bucket and a rag handy to instantly clean droplets.
  • Keep the exhaust vent on / open bathroom window to get free air flow.
  • Use gloves that are chemical resistant and protect the eyes with goggles.
  • Read a number of reviews to get the best edge on how to clean stains.


After rinsing your bowl you can repeat the process if the results aren’t what you wanted. If you want much more about stain cleaners, and the best toilet cleaning system you can click this link!

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