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Best Toilet Flush Valves – Reviews and Buying Guide

By |2019-04-21T04:40:39+00:00April 18th, 2018|Toilet Accessories|

According to the New York City Environmental Protection, water flows through the open fill valve of a flush toilet at about five gallons in every minute. What this means is, if your flush valve is damaged you could waste up to 4000 gallons of water each day. Now that could cost you about $53 every day. That’s why you should get the best toilet flush valve fixed in your toilet today. […]

Best Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaners – 2019 Top Picks

By |2019-06-01T07:37:45+00:00July 23rd, 2017|Toilet Accessories|

With the best automatic toilet bowl cleaners, keeping your toilet clean and fresh has never been easier. You can click or press on it to spread. You can also drop it in and your porcelain will be 99% disinfected. Trust me, automatic toilet bowl cleaners are the latest continuous cleaning in one easy to use pack! Once you apply them, they will automatically clean your toilet for quite some time, say 3 months with every flush. Say no to the toilet bacteria with the latest deodorizing and bleaching automatic toilet cleaners and keep your loved ones safe. […]