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Best Raised Garden Bed Reviews for 2018

For areas with so much rainfall, a raised garden bed isn’t a new concept all. Even before conventional farmers could dig op their gardens to form mounds of soil and keep the water levels slightly lower.

If you are looking to try your hands on the best raised garden bed you’ve come to the right place. In this post we took our time to wrap up some of the best raised garden beds so that you won’t have to do it.

Take a look at the top five raised garden bed reviews that we prepared for you and enjoy additional tips.

Top 5 Raised Garden Beds for 2018

Standing at 46” x 22” the Best Choice Products Raised Garden Bed for Vegetables will give you ample space to tend to your favorite vegetables and flowers.

It comes with a thick solid wooden frame that is built to last through numerous seasons. More importantly it stands at 30 inches tall and will keep pest away.

If you are looking for a quick assemble with a great place to plant your salads, this raised bed will be super cool.

Keter 238699 Easy Grow Elevated Garden Bed, Anthracite is loved by many home gardeners. Thanks to its ergonomic design and an elevated design that allows you to tend while sitting or standing.

It comes with an easy to read water level gauge, that will easily show you if plants require more water or not.

It also has a drainage system that can be opened and closed on time whenever the need to do so arises.

Next in line is the EMSCO Easy Picker Raised Bed Grow Box with a self-contained watering system.

It automatically waters your plants and has convenient water overflow holes that will easily enhance water levels.

The system is cool for people with limited space but who still want to garden. It stands at 30 inches above the ground and will easily control weed growth.

You can grow more and more in less effort.

For flower planters, this raised garden bed will also make an awesome choice. It is another top design from Keter that can hold up to 22.4 gallon of soil.

The raised bed receives praise for its    size and also its easy to use design that will allow you to plant more veggies and flowers.

It comes with a self-watering system and you won’t have to worry about hydrating your plants when you are out of the house.

Benefits of Gardening in Raised Beds

There are tons of benefits that a raised gardening bed will come with. However some of the most ideal ones include:-

Good Aeration

Improved aeration is good for your veggies and flowers. When you get a raised garden bed, you will easily mix up different soils to create a much more aerated blend. Such a setup allows the plants to breathe and to expel carbon dioxide much more easily.

Good Drainage

Remember with a good mixture your soil will be less compacted. Less compacted soil means a pile of good quality soil with enough nutrients for your plants. Therefore even under heavy rains, the drainage will be super cool and your plants won’t be affected.

Easy Root Spread

Looking at what we have said above, you will easily realize that the roots won’t in anyway remain tangled up. As a matter of fact, they will easily grow deeper and find more fertile soils. A good root development will help the plants to anchor better always.

Easy Weed Control

Believe it or not but when your garden of choice is a raised garden, it will encounter less weed problems. Its deeper cultivation exposes all the weeds and gets weeds out by their roots. This is a classical way of having the best weed control in your raised garden.

Good Amendments

Trying to amend an existing patch of soil is tough. But when you do it on your best raised garden bed, you will realize that it’s actually pretty much easy. Because a raised garden bed requires new soils in small patches, mixing up the soil won’t be hectic anyway.

Best Pest Control

Because raised beds are super independent, rarely will you find that pests have broken the boundary from one bed to the next. In many occasions, infestation will only happen in a single bed. You can then resolve it without worrying if it will spill over fast.

What to Cultivate In Raised Garden Bed

There are a good number of crops that will actually do pretty well on a raised garden bed. They are also easy to tend. They include the following:-


If you love to eat a number of veggies I suggest filling your raised garden bed with these veggies. Some of the veggies that will do well include; Salads - cherry tomatoes, plant head lettuce, cucumbers, a lettuce cutting mix, watermelon, and carrots.

And if you love to cook, planting onions, potatoes, herbs, and peppers would make up for an awesome idea. And if you want veggies that will grow from direct seeding you can go with beets, corn, cucumbers, beans, squash, peas, and salad greens too.


Most flowers will do really well on a raised bed. All you need to do is to tend to them properly by putting them under enough sunlight, watering them, and fertilizing the soils and you will love what you see.

We all dint grow up with the gardening talent. However, with enough practice we can easily climb the odds and become some of the most celebrated gardeners in our time. I suggest starting small so that you get a chance to improve quite easily.

Top 3 Brands Composting Toilet Comparison and Review Guide

All over the world, there is an ongoing revolution in bathroom design. Top designers are replacing the traditional toilet with eco-friendly composting toilets.

Benefits of Composting Toilets

Composting toilet systems are gaining popularity and for good reason. Check out these benefits of environmentally friendly composting toilet systems:

1. Water economy: Older traditional toilet systems use up to 26 liters (approx. 7 gallons) of water per flush. US federal law now demands 6 liters (approx. 1.6 gallons) low-flow toilet cisterns. The best composting toilet systems can save you more than 6,500 gallons (>24,000 liters) of flush water per person annually.

2. Manageable Sewage Flow: As a result of these massive water savings in the home, the sewage system and treatment plants save lots of energy and cut operational costs.

3. Healthier Ecosystem: Not much animal or plant life can be found in and around sewage treatment plants. The waste flow creates a dead zone that's harmful to any local ecosystem.

 4. Manure/Plant Nutrient: Traditional toilet systems have waste that depletes oxygen from the waste water flow. The best composting toilet system is designed to put back humus into the soil, add neutralizing toxins, and enhance the growth of microbes that fight off plant and animal diseases. However, federal law requires that the waste be buried at least 12 inches underground.

Disadvantages of Composting Toilet Systems

1. Some types of composting toilets may require additional power for fans and heating. Composters require a minimum temperature of 18 degrees celsius (65 degrees fahrenheit).

2. Composting toilets require a little bit more work compared to use-and-flush traditional toilets. But the green benefits are totally worth it.

The 3 Best Composting Toilet Brands in 2018

According to reviews submitted by homeowners and contractors, the three top composting toilet brands right now are:

1. Nature's Head

2. Sun-Mar

3. ECO-Safe

Let's take a look at some of the top most popular models and find out what sets them apart from the rest.

1. Nature's Head Self Contained With Close Quarters Spider Handle

This is hands-down the best model we have seen so far. It has a functional design and made out of stainless hardware. The sleek design has an elongated seat for increased comfort. It comes with its own fan and ventilation hose. And it easily and quickly assembles and disassembles, making emptying and cleaning easy. It uses urine-separating technology which makes it ideal for small cabins, campers, boats, and RVs. It's portable and self-contained. It's highly durable and provides best value for your money.

Nature’s head is proudly American-made and has high quality standards unmatched by any other manufacturer. The unit is very well built and its structure is crush proof. It can withstand all weights and even things landing on it when in a moving vehicle. It is easy to instal and can last you many years. Just take care not to clean it using chemicals as that may compromise how it functions.


Nature’s head systems are renowned for their odorless composting toilets.

The units are also durable and lightweight, ensuring you get to use it for many years to come without needing a replacement.

Superb customer support whenever any issues occur

Not much work required. You only need to empty at maybe once every two or three months.

The humanure produced is full of good bacteria and almost always pathogen-free, even when there has been a sick human. Most pathogens die outside the human body in a matter of hours.


It’s not easy to tell when the urine container is almost full, and this may result in overflow into the waste tank and resultant odors.

 Some users report fixing the washout hose as a little complicated, though the directions are clear.

2. Nature's Head Dry Composting Toilet With Standard Crank Handle

This model comes a close second to the spider handle design. It has a crank in its base that acts as an agitator to hasten the composting process. It features a molded design that looks and feels comfortable. To keep your environment fresh, it comes with an inbuilt 5-inch ventilation hose, a 12v power plug, and a bottle cap. It's urine-diverting and almost weighless, so you can take it with your on trips, picnics, and camping.

This is a waterless toilet system so you will not have to worry about leakages or odor. It is lightweight and compact, making it the ideal best composting toilet system for tiny homes, RVs, campers, boat, cabin, or workshop.

These two units from the brand Nature’s Head take the two top positions for the best compost toilet unit models for their many individual qualities and also for the superb customer support the company provides.


The pros for this unit are similar to those of the Nature's Head Self Contained With Close Quarters Spider Handle. However, i  addition, this unit’s urine separating feature reduces waste and also reduces the danger of leakages.

The lack of liquids and the unit’s construction makes it impossible for odors to escape, giving you a fresh toilet environment.

The rounded corners of the tank make it much easier to clean than triangular tanks.


 The unit lacks a foot rest for shorter users like kids. Nonetheless, it is about the same height as your regular home toilet.

3. Sun-Mar Excel Self-Contained Best Composting Toilet

While Nature’s head grabs the two top spots for the best compost toilet systems, this model from  Sun-Mar is the ultimate best in waterless toilet systems. It is also a high capacity unit that can be used not only for trips and camping, but works well in residences and light commercial applications. It’s a low profile unit that can complement any kind of bathroom whether as an indoor or outdoor waterless toilet unit.

The Sun-Mar Excel is 100% non-polluting and comes with a built-in bio-drum that processes the compost without releasing bad odors into the bathroom environment. The compost is ideal for garden manure. The Sun-Mar self-contained composting toilet is designed to accommodate up to 4 persons in a residential setting or up to 8 people in a weekend outdoor getaway. It has a detachable footrest and a built-in vent stack. It also includes an emergency drain  and works with an electric outlet. The model is NSF/ANSI certified.


Most recognizable and trustworthy brand name.

The Sun-Mar has awesome customer support in North America.

Safely converts human waste to soil fertilizer.

Has an emergency drain, which makes managing the waste easier even for a weak or old person.

Rounded corners make the waste tank easy to clean

Dimensions fit in most RVs, campers, and boats.


Since it’s a high quality brand and model, the asking price is higher than other brands and units.

 Taller than a normal toilet, even though it’s a low-profile unit. But it comes with a footrest so it’s still comfortable for shorter people.

4. Eco-Safe Composting Toilet System

This is the ideal best composting toilet system for an RV or a camper. It can fit in tight spaces and is fit for approximately 50 uses. Its 5.5 gallon capacity tank meets NPS, BLM, and USFS requirements. It is a reusable and washable toilet system with a roto-molded polyethylene plastic tank. The lid assembly includes the lid itself, a washout hose adapter, and a 3-inch hose.

This unit is so popular it was the compost toilet of choice for the Mt. Everest Cleanup Project of 1998, which is a high value endorsement, telling you how efficient and eco-friendly the Eco-Safe toilet system is regarded worldwide.


Best price point. It’s the perfect choice for light use. For instance, if you only occasionally go outdoor camping or for outdoor picnics in the woods.

It has a sturdy construction, making it crush proof

Fits inside a 20mm rocket box, so you can easily secure it during your road trips or boat cruise.


It only has one chamber to hold solid waste and urine. This means you have to empty it out regularly or the whole place might fill with odors.

How To Instal The Best Composting Toilet

Every composting pit comes with its own set of instructions in the manual. Nonetheless, there are some common points to watch out for to ensure a safe, leakage-free, and odorless toilet.

The Vent Stack

Each composting toilet unit comes with a vent stack that can be installed in  a single-storey building, mobile home, RV, camper, or boat. For upstairs toilets, you might need more vent stack material. Vent pipes for self contained composting toilet units are normally made of PVC. Make sure they don’t have any horizontal runs, downward slopes, or too many bends. Instal as straight as you can make it.

Electric Parts

Fans, coolers, heaters, and other electric parts should be installed to ensure proper airflow and to stop uncomfortable odors.


The diffuser comes mostly with Sun-Mar composting toilets. It’s purpose is to ensure upflow, protect against winter freeze, and protect the toilet vents from bad weather.

Vent Joints

All indoor vent joints should be siliconed while the outdoor joints needs to be glued up with CPVC glue.


Before designing the piping, you need to consider visibility and the need for insulation during the winter months. Piping should always be installed running up the inside and outside walls, with a slightly angled connection going through the wall.


Emergency safety drains should always be installed, especially if you live in an area where power outages are common or if the composting toilet will be for heavy use.

How To Care Of The Best Composting Toilet

Once you have installed your composting toilet you need to know how to prep, dump, and clean it.

Prepping The Compost Toilet Solid Waste Tank

The first thing you need to consider is what you will use for compost material. Peat moss is a popular alternative and so is Coconut Coir. Coconut Coir is a little harder to find but is preferred for its water retention capabilities and excellent drainage and air space.

Peat moss is acidic, with a pH value of 3.3, while Coco Coir has a neutral pH value of around 6.4. This means Coco Coir is most ideal for use in fertilizing soil for any types of plants.

Once you have your composting material, grab 2 to 3 liters of water, a shovel, a bucket, and a pair of gardening gloves.

Remove the seat off the composting toilet tank

Break up your peat moss or Coco Coir into small pieces and lay it on the floor of your bucket.

Hydrate the peat moss or coco noir until it’s all damp, but not dripping wet.

Remove the peat moss or coco noir and stuff it at the bottom of the tank until it comes to just below the level of the agitator

Re Install the toilet and you’re good to go. Remember, do not line the tanks with a plastic paper bag.

Prepping The Urine Container

The composting pit’s liquid waste container holds approximately 2.2 gallons.

Never wait until it’s full before dumping. Always clear it out when it’s about 65% full.

Emptying The Liquid Container

Lift the toilet seat at a 45 degree angle

Grab the liquid tank and carefully lift it out then cap it

Safely dispose of the liquid some distance away from any buildings or social spaces

Rinse the liquid container with a little water to remove any urine buildup.

Return the liquid bottle in its place and securely clamp it into position.

Dumping The Solids

Get ready to dump the solids when the tank is about two thirds full or when the agitator becomes difficult to turn.

If you have been using the composting toilet recently, wait at least 8 hours since your last number two use.

Start by wearing gloves, removing the liquid bottle, and capping it to avoid knocking it over

Unplug the power cords and vent hoses

Take the base outside and overturn the contents into a composting bag.

Fill up the composting bag with a generous dose of hydrated peat moss.

Reconnect your toilet components

Remove gloves and wash hands

How to Clean a Composting Toilet

If you are the sole user of your best composting toilet, it may be enough to just use a steamed towel or a hot damp cloth to wipe your toilet seat and lid. However, if you are sharing with a bunch of people you may feel better putting in a little more effort.

Starting with the lid and toilet seat, use an enzyme catalyst or an enzyme detergent. This will not only give a sufficient clean, it will also speed up the composting process through bacterial fermentation.

For the composting toilet bowl, spray some of the enzyme detergent just like you would use any other toilet detergent on a traditional toilet.Let the enzyme settle for a short while then clean up the toilet bowl with a toilet brush. If necessary, use a wet cloth or a damp paper towel to clean out any lingering stains.

Just like the toilet bowl, spray some of the enzyme-based detergent onto the foot pedestal. Wit a few minutes then use a toilet brush and finish up with a wet paper napkin.

Q & A

Do all composting toilets have an agitator? How often should I rotate it?

Not all composting toilets have an agitator in their solid waste tanks, but those with an agitator tend to compost more uniformly and produce better quality humanure. And agitator also works to dispel any odors. Use the agitator in the mornings or after a prolonged period of non-use

Do I need an expert to instal my composting toilet?

You don’t need extensive DIY know-how to fit your composting toilet. Simply follow the instructions and use the correct tools and you will be fine. However, when in doubt, it is better to have a professional fit it rather than have to buy expensive replacements.

Can I use wet wipes to clean out my composting toilet?

Please do not use wet wipes as they usually contain harsh chemicals that will disrupt the composting process. Furthermore, the wet wipes will not decompose.

What products are best for cleaning?

 Always use biodegradable cleaning products. Regular household products or commercial cleaners contain harsh chemicals that will ruin your compost and kill off all the good bacteria in the humanure.

Protecting our environment is a noble thing to do. Composting toilets make sense, save water, and save lots of money on plumbing and interior design. There are many different brands but the top 3 best composting toilet brands have superior design and user-friendly layouts.

In our review, we chose our 3 brands on the basis of how well they compost and how easy they are to set up, use, and clean. We also considered factors such as cost and customer support. The 3 top composting toilet systems have luxurious designs with sturdy configuration and are all lightweight. Making them ideal for road trips, boat cruises, and outdoor adventures.

Cleaning Stained Toilet Bowl: A Simple Guide to Keeping the Sparkle

After a very long period of use, most toilets bowl will sustain a number of stains. These stains may range from toilet rings, scum from soaps, rust stains, normal stains and many other forms of stains.

Rust stains for instance are caused by the many mineral deposits that are found in the hard water that your toilet and plumbing system uses. Copper, iron, and chlorine are some of the most common minerals found in the water you use.

When such minerals comes into contact with oxygen, they react with the oxygen to form brown like rust stains in your toilet.

Nonetheless, the toilet equation is never complete without a number of disease causing germs. The mildew, mold, germs, and. bacteria if left overtime and without a good toilet mold removal routine will leave your toilet bowl with piled up stain.

 It is because of this that many home owners are often advised to have a good cleaning routine for their toilet. Such a routine will help in keeping the toilet clean and in turn prevent the toilet from turning into filth. Here is a guide to help.

Toilet Bowl Cleaning: The Step by Step Guide

Here is the simplest but most effective step by step guide for getting rid of stains from your toilet bowl. You don’t have to be a tech savvy to get it right. Enjoy!

Step 1: Turn off the Water Supply

Identify the shutoff valve for your toilets water supply. The valve should be at the back wall of the toilet. Turn the valve off. To turn off the valve, you should turn it anti-clockwise.

It is advisable that before you do any cleaning to your toilet you turn off the water supply. This will prevent any form water from rushing in as you clean. It will also may your work really easy.

Flush the toilet with the water in the tank. Hold the toilet’s handle down for some time. This will ensure that you get rid of as much water as possible from the tank to even clean the tank of any stains that have accumulated overtime. 

Now plunge your toilet. Do a heavy plunge to make sure that the toilet bowl is rid of as much water as you can. If you don’t know how to use a plunger you can read a number of reviews that we have to help.

The Catch: For the best results you should work with a “dry” bowl. This saves the cleaner from any form of dilution with running water. Plunging the toilet and flushing off the tank easily leaves a dry bowl that’s easy to work with.

Step 2: Choose the Right Stain Cleaner

There are very many cleaners that you can use for your toilet. However, the best toilet bowl cleaners are customized to handle specific stains. A toilet bowl cleaner that cleans rust for instance should contain diluted hydrochloric acid. Let’s go with rust removal and see how it works.

Choose the best toilet bowl cleaner and pour it on your toilet brush. Use the toilet brush to spread the cleaner evenly around the toilet bowl surface.

Make sure you access the toilet’s nook and any other hard to reach surfaces in the toilet bowl such as under the toilet bowl’s rim. You can use a spray bottle to make that part of work easy too.

Allow the main toilet cleaner to sit in the bowl for a while; usually between (10-15 minutes) before taking a scrub. This gives the toilet bowl enough time to allow the stains to get lose so that you can have an easy cleaning time.

Caution: Never use your best toilet bowl cleaner for rust over any kind of bleach over rust as it will only set the stain and in turn leave your toilet as dirty as before. A set stain is not possible to remove.

Step 3: Give the Toilet a Scrub

If you don’t have a toilet cleaning brush you can buy one. A toilet brush with stiff nylon bristles and a plastic base is the best. Use the brush to scrub your toilet but remember, never use a steel brush as it will easily scratch the floor and damage it.

Take your time to brush the toilet bowl cautiously. Go through the toilet water jet holes (water holes beneath the toilet rim) and all through the toilet’s rim and any visible stains.

It is good to take as much time as possible but to make sure that you scrub until the toilet is free from any visible stains. You can repeat the process if you have to.

Once done you can rinse the toilet bowl and restore the water supply. Your toilet should be as clean as new. With a sparkle!

Tip: Always scrub very slowly and take your time. This will prevent the cleaner from spotting your carpet, vinyl, skin, or tile and causing any kind of damage. This is one of the best toilet bowl cleaning tips.

Step 4: Rinse your Toilet with Cold Water

Once the rust stains disappear you can rinse your toilet’s bowl with cold water until it remains spotlessly clean.

Additional Toilet Cleaning Tips

  • Put a water bucket and a rag handy to instantly clean droplets.
  • Keep the exhaust vent on / open bathroom window to get free air flow.
  • Use gloves that are chemical resistant and protect the eyes with goggles.
  • Read a number of reviews to get the best edge on how to clean stains.
  • After rinsing your bowl you can repeat the process if the results aren’t what you wanted. If you want much more about stain cleaners, and the best toilet cleaning system you can click this link!

    Best Wireless IP Camera – Top 6 Picks

    The home where your loved ones live should be secure. If possible, you should have a highly dependable 24/7 surveillance system. And how is that even possible when installing a surveillance system can cost a fortune? We have the better option for you. You can use the best IP Camera and keep your family safe.

    Best Outdoor Security Camera Reviews

    We took a look at some of the IP Cameras in the market and prepared the best Wireless IP Camera reviews. Take a look at what we compiled.

    We ranked Wansview Wireless 1080P IP Camera first because of its cool qualities and awesome features. It is easy to install and is greatly affordable for many home owners. The camera is also a top pick for homes with nannies, seniors, pets, and babies.

    The main reason this best outdoor IP camera swept us off the ground was the two way audio system and its night vision Q3-S. 

    Using this wireless IP camera provides a wider viewing angle. It also gives you a clear two way audio and an awesome night vision with infrared capabilities.

    The camera offers a full 1920x1080P resolution HD video camera and supports a 24/7 video-recording in Windows and Mac. It is greatly accessible via Windows PC and Apple Mac Software including iOS/Android.

    Well the setup is a little complicated than that of the other camera but I guess we all need a high level functionality for a classy touch and highly dependable security.

    The Bottom Line

    For home owners who are just a little tech savvy, the Wansview Wireless 1080P IP Camera will easily save the day for you!

    Next we chose the YI Dome Wireless IP Indoor Security Camera. Our choice was based on its integration. It has high tech security systems but which are easy to access. From a remote monitor with iOS and Android App to cloud based services, the camera is off the hook.

    You can use this best outdoor IP camera for your baby, pet, or elderly mommy. To start you off is a 720p High-definition resolution with a wide-angle and an advanced lens. This will provide a complete 360° all round camera coverage.

    That’s not all. The camera will also give you a high tech night vision (8 built-in 940nm infrared LED); it offers a built-in noise filter plus 2 way advanced microphone

    For users who know what to look out for in best outdoor IP camera, this wireless IP camera also supports YI cloud to prevent you from losing footage.

     It automatically tracks and captures movements but you must learn the user manual before you can use it

    The Bottom Line

    The YI Dome Wireless IP Indoor Security Camera may look small. However, it is very easy to work with and one of the most affordable security camera for homes with nannies, babies, or seniors.

    Wansview is known for quality surveillance. No wonder it gave us quite a number of great surveillance cameras for our top six picks. And for its Wansview Wireless WiFi IP Surveillance Camera, there is no huge difference except for the camera resolution.

    This wireless IP camera for your home use only offers a 720P resolution. Nonetheless, we still found out that it was a great camera to work with. It has a clarity of up to 1280 x 720 for videos.

    You will also enjoy a 90 degrees wide viewing angle on Android and iOS and multiple device viewing usually supported with Wansview App.

    Even better this best outdoor IP camera has a waterproof degree of up to IP66 making it ideal for outdoor usage on rainy weather and a longer night vision technology with 36 Infrared LED to spice it up!

    Don’t be left behind. Enjoy a timely seamless video streaming once you have understood the user manual and how to make it work.

    The Bottom Line

    For homes with limited need for the IP surveillance camera, the Wansview Wireless WiFi IP Surveillance Camera would be a great and timely pick.

    This is just the same brand and type with the Wansview Outdoor camera that we just saw. However, there is only one difference, the previous camera is white and this one comes in a black color.

    So depending on your style, home needs, and general home decoration, you may choose the best outdoor IP camera color to go with.

    But once you choose to use this camera you will enjoy a 720P Resolution with clarity of up to 1280 x 720 video.

    Additionally this best outdoor IP camera has a 90 degrees wide viewing angle on Android and iOS and a supported option for multiple viewing on different devices supported with Wansview App.

    Like the its sister above, rest assured that the waterproof degree of up to IP66 will be quite ideal for outdoor use and that the longer night vision technology with 36 Infrared LED will provide a seamless video streaming for any supported device any time.

    The Bottom Line

    If you don’t have very many needs for an IP supported surveillance, this wireless IP camera is for you. It is simple, affordable and above all simply adequate

    Zmodo Wireless IP Camera is another high tech IP camera for home use. Indeed, it offers some of the best features for an all-round security system.

    However, this best outdoor IP camera is a little pricey to what we have seen as it comes in a pack of four compared. Apart from that, the camera is really awesome and has numerous features to die for.

    For starters it supports the Zmodo Wireless Cloud services and offers an IP 65 waterproof capacity. In short you can use it for both outdoor and indoor needs.

    In fact you can also find this camera working perfectly in a temperature range of -100C to 500C. It also supports Zmodo App for iOS/ Android and has an infrared supported night vision for maximum efficiency.

    However, this wireless IP camera only has an 81 degrees area of coverage/ view.

    The Bottom Line

    Zmodo Wireless IP Security Camera is super ideal for homes with more than one need for the camera. It could double up for outdoor and offers timely response to indoor needs.

    To wrap up our list of the top best IP cameras of 2018 is the TENVIS HD IP Security Camera. It is simple, stylish, and quite discreet. In fact it comes with many features including a motion detector.

    The best part is this best outdoor IP camera looks like a toy and you may not even notice it once you walk in. Take a look at some of the features that made us to fall in love with it.

    TENVIS will provide you with a clear night vision with supported infrared capabilities. It will also offer a 720P resolution and superior video stream.

    To make it more efficient, once you choose to use it, you will also enjoy a high tech alarm system with two way audio.

    And be ready to enjoy a remote access from iOS and Android apps for the best motion activated technology with timely capture when using this Wireless IP Camera.

    Even so the night vision only covers a 32 feet night range which is simply very low compared to the rest of the cameras that we have seen.

    The Bottom Line

    This camera is easy to use between the main entrance to the house or in the most frequented rooms. You can activate it and use still access it remotely

    What to Look Out for In Wireless IP Camera

    IP Cameras come with so many specs. This might make it hard for you to figure out what you need. Even so, here are a few tips that can start you off.

    Camera Use

    If you intend to use your best Wireless IP Camera for security, specs such as night vision, infrared, and sound detectors become very important. An indoor camera on the other side only needs the right lens

    Storage Style

    Cloud storage is the new thing for best outdoor IP camera. Such storage capacity makes it easy to rewind your clips and also to keep evidence for reference. Some models have SD Cards. But such do have limited capacity.

    The Pricing

    If the price is right, you will buy. If it isn’t you may strain to buy. Finding a Wireless IP Camera that suits your budget is very important. Ideal models may even require additional fee to record and store your videos.

    The Setting

    How your camera views is also important. A camera that provides a high lens power is very ideal in giving clear images. Make sure you have the very best one.

    Maintenance Tips

    With the Wireless IP Cameras the one thing you should never do is to open up the components. In case it breaks down get an expert. Also read the best outdoor security camera reviews for tips.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You may be battling with a few lose ends. You don’t have to. We have also highlighted a few questions to get you started.

    Which is the Best outdoor IP camera?

    Whichever the type, best outdoor IP cameras have awesome advantages. However, the best IP Cameras are the recommended as they are movable and also easy to set discreetly. Wired are usually fixed.

    What is a Bullet Camera?

    This is a wireless camera that is shaped like a bullet. They are good for high surfaces such as walls, ceilings, and corner stands. They are different from dome cameras.

    Why do I Need a Night Vision Camera?

    Such cameras come readily equipped with the ability to capture images in dark areas. They use infrared LEDs to keep your home safe.

    With our best Wireless IP Camera reviews you should enjoy top security in your home. Choose the best option and enjoy a timely response to emergencies.

    Best Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaners – 2018 Top Picks

    With the best automatic toilet bowl cleaners, keeping your toilet clean and fresh has never been easier. You can click or press on it to spread. You can also drop it in and your porcelain will be 99% disinfected. Trust me, automatic toilet bowl cleaners are the latest continuous cleaning in one easy to use pack! Once you apply them, they will automatically clean your toilet for quite some time, say 3 months with every flush. Say no to the toilet bacteria with the latest deodorizing and bleaching automatic toilet cleaners and keep your loved ones safe.Continue reading

    Choose the WORX GT 2.0 for a Great Lawn and Cool Grass Cutting

    For a long time I had wanted a great tool to depend on for trimming my lawn and keeping my back yard looking really presentable. While my pals suggested that I use a lawn mower, most of the best mowers seemed really pricey. The choice was therefore hard to find until a pal of mine suggested the WORX GT 2.0. Now I have used this grass trimmer for over two years and I love it. Here are the reasons why.

    Continue reading

    Air Mattresses for Use an Easy Way to Keep Healthy

    Leading a healthy life style is the best way to keep diseases away. Most doctors agree that people who work out quite often, eat a balanced diet and practice healthy lifestyles rarely fall sick. If this is the case then we can easily agree that living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to keep of a hospital bed. But does using the best air mattresses for everyday use another option to look at?Continue reading

    Floor Mounted Door Stop Installation

    One of the biggest concerns with door knobs is that they are notorious for punching holes in sheetrock walls. This damages the walls so badly leaving you with expensive repairs and ugly sights on wooden walls. So what do you do? No one wants to replace an entire wall. I’m going to lead you through one simple but very efficient solution – installation of a door stop. My favorite choice is the floor mounted doorstop. Here is a simple guide on how to install a floor mounted doorstop.Continue reading

    Importance of Heating System and Optimum Heating Services

    Do you feel helpless whenever you see your pipes leaking, toilet malfunctioning and heating system problems? Well, you’re not the only person who felt that way. Several house owners also become stressful when their pipes and heating system have malfunctioned or it doesn’t function as efficient it was before. But with the existence of Heating Repair Cedar Grove NJ or Heating Services Cedar Grove NJ, you will be hopeful and eventually become joyful because of their work.Continue reading

    The 10 Best Air Mattresses for Everyday Use

    Choosing the best air mattress can be little puzzling, especially if you are not sure about what actually you need. Air mattresses are bouncy, snuggly, and bring a sense of adventure to your night. While many people still view them as camping gear, there are some fantastic air mattresses designed to suit everyday home use as well as for the outdoors.

    Because air mattresses are comfortable, convenient, durable, and economical, I always feel like I grab some when I browse through the store. To assist my purchase decision, I always go through a checklist of the best air mattress. I ask myself ‘if the air mattress will be used for occasionally or regularly’, ‘whether for the guest or for the kids’, ‘for only indoor use or outdoor use’?Continue reading