Six Easy DIY Bookshelves Ideas You can Try

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Bookshelves are an essential part of any house or apartment. If you’re looking for a fun DIY project this weekend and you love to read, check out our easy DIY bookshelves for some home decoration ideas and inspiration. You can make your very own easy DIY bookshelves from scratch or you can use an old, pre-manufactured bookshelf and transform it following our list with bookshelf ideas. If you’re looking for color schemes – […]

Remodel Your Bedroom With Summer Themed Center Pieces

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The sun is shining, the beach is more appealing than ever, and summer is awaiting you outside of your doorstep. Check out our amazing tips and tricks on how to remodel your bedroom with summer themed center pieces in order to bring the summer season indoors. Firstly, you don’t need to remodel your entire bedroom. Nobody wants you to change every single piece of your entire furniture in order to fully customize your bedroom with a summer theme. Our list of ideas, […]

5 Awesome DIY Projects For Your Bedroom

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Are you a sucker for DIY projects? Do you feel like your bedroom needs a little bit of remodeling and refreshing? Here are 5 awesome DIY ideas for renovating your bedroom – simple, easy and impressive. The bedroom is an area for rest, for comfort, and sometimes even for creativity. My all-time favorite types of bedroom DIY projects are center pieces. Throw pillows, candles, decorative elements, accent walls – […]

DIY chalkboards for your kitchen

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Chalkboards in your kitchen? Could you do that? Absolutely! Here are some creative and useful ideas on DIY chalkboards for kitchens. Who says chalkboards are a thing of the past? And who says they should be limited only to class rooms and to vintage restaurant signs? Chalkboards are actually a trend in home decor and especially in kitchen DIY ideas. They have grown in popularity in vintage, minimalistic, country and rustic home decor styles and they are not only a creative and eye-catching detail, […]

Easy DIY Candles on the Cheap

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Decorate your home with these creative, inspirational, fun and super easy DIY candles. Candles are among the most common home decor features out there. DIY candles are not only popular, but they are also entertaining, creative and suitable for handmade gifts and presents. You can either use them only as decorative center pieces, or light them up and enjoy their glow, warmth and aroma. […]