Best Wireless IP Camera – Top 6 Picks

The home where your loved ones live should be secure. If possible, you should have a highly dependable 24/7 surveillance system. And how is that even possible when installing a surveillance system can cost a fortune? We have a better option for you. You can use the best IP Camera and keep your family safe.

Best Outdoor Security Camera Reviews

We took a look at some of the IP Cameras in the market and prepared the best Wireless IP Camera reviews. Take a look at what we compiled.


Wansview Wireless 1080P IP Camera


We ranked Wansview Wireless 1080P IP Camera first because of its cool qualities and awesome features. It is easy to install and is greatly affordable for many homeowners. The camera is also a top pick for homes with nannies, seniors, pets, and babies.

The main reason this best outdoor IP camera swept us off the ground was the two-way audio system and its night vision Q3-S.

Using this wireless IP camera provides a wider viewing angle. It also gives you clear two-way audio and an awesome night vision with infrared capabilities.

The camera offers a full 1920x1080P resolution HD video camera and supports a 24/7 video-recording in Windows and Mac. It is greatly accessible via Windows PC and Apple Mac Software including iOS/Android.

Well, the setup is a little complicated than that of the other camera but I guess we all need a high-level functionality for a classy touch and highly dependable security.

The Bottom Line

For homeowners who are just a little tech savvy, the Wansview Wireless 1080P IP Camera will easily save the day for you!


YI Dome Wireless IP Indoor Security Camera





Next, we chose the YI Dome Wireless IP Indoor Security Camera. Our choice was based on its integration. It has high tech security systems but which are easy to access. From a remote monitor with iOS and Android App to cloud-based services, the camera is off the hook.

You can use this best outdoor IP camera for your baby, pet, or elderly mommy. To start you off is a 720p High-definition resolution with a wide-angle and an advanced lens. This will provide a complete 360° all-round camera coverage.

That’s not all. The camera will also give you a high tech night vision (8 built-in 940nm infrared LED); it offers a built-in noise filter plus 2-way advanced microphone

For users who know what to look out for in best outdoor IP camera, this wireless IP camera also supports YI cloud to prevent you from losing footage.

 It automatically tracks and captures movements but you must learn the user manual before you can use it

The Bottom Line

The YI Dome Wireless IP Indoor Security Camera may look small. However, it is very easy to work with and one of the most affordable security camera for homes with nannies, babies, or seniors.



​​​​Wansview Wireless WiFi IP Surveillance Camera


Wansview is known for quality surveillance. No wonder it gave us quite a number of great surveillance cameras for our top six picks. And for its Wansview Wireless WiFi IP Surveillance Camera, there is no huge difference except for the camera resolution.

This wireless IP camera for your home use only offers a 720P resolution. Nonetheless, we still found out that it was a great camera to work with. It has a clarity of up to 1280 x 720 for videos.

You will also enjoy a 90 degrees wide viewing angle on Android and iOS and multiple device viewing usually supported with Wansview App.

Even better this best outdoor IP camera has a waterproof degree of up to IP66 making it ideal for outdoor usage on rainy weather and a longer night vision technology with 36 Infrared LED to spice it up!

Don’t be left behind. Enjoy a timely seamless video streaming once you have understood the user manual and how to make it work.

The Bottom Line

For homes with limited need for the IP surveillance camera, the Wansview Wireless WiFi IP Surveillance Camera would be a great and timely pick.



Wansview Outdoor 720P WiFi IP Security Camera



This is just the same brand and type with the Wansview Outdoor camera that we just saw. However, there is only one difference, the previous camera is white and this one comes in black color.

So depending on your style, home needs, and general home decoration, you may choose the best outdoor IP camera color to go with.

But once you choose to use this camera you will enjoy a 720P Resolution with clarity of up to 1280 x 720 video.

Additionally, this best outdoor IP camera has a 90 degrees wide viewing angle on Android and iOS and a supported option for multiple viewing on different devices supported with Wansview App.

Like its sister above, rest assured that the waterproof degree of up to IP66 will be quite ideal for outdoor use and that the longer night vision technology with 36 Infrared LED will provide a seamless video streaming for any supported device any time.

The Bottom Line

If you don’t have very many needs for an IP supported surveillance, this wireless IP camera is for you. It is simple, affordable and above all simply adequate



Zmodo Wireless IP Security Camera





Zmodo Wireless IP Camera is another high tech IP camera for home use. Indeed, it offers some of the best features for an all-round security system.

However, this best outdoor IP camera is a little pricey to what we have seen as it comes in a pack of four compared. Apart from that, the camera is really awesome and has numerous features to die for.

For starters, it supports the Zmodo Wireless Cloud services and offers an IP 65 waterproof capacity. In short you can use it for both outdoor and indoor needs.

In fact, you can also find this camera working perfectly in a temperature range of -100C to 500C. It also supports Zmodo App for iOS/ Android and has an infrared supported night vision for maximum efficiency.

However, this wireless IP camera only has an 81 degrees area of coverage/ view.

The Bottom Line

Zmodo Wireless IP Security Camera is super ideal for homes with more than one need for the camera. It could double up for outdoor and offers timely response to indoor needs.



TENVIS HD IP Security Camera




To wrap up our list of the top best IP cameras of 2018 is the TENVIS HD IP Security Camera. It is simple, stylish, and quite discreet. In fact, it comes with many features including a motion detector.

The best part is this best outdoor IP camera looks like a toy and you may not even notice it once you walk in. Take a look at some of the features that made us fall in love with it.

TENVIS will provide you with a clear night vision with supported infrared capabilities. It will also offer a 720P resolution and superior video stream.

To make it more efficient, once you choose to use it, you will also enjoy a high tech alarm system with two-way audio.

And be ready to enjoy remote access from iOS and Android apps for the best motion activated technology with timely capture when using this Wireless IP Camera.

Even so, the night vision only covers a 32 feet night range which is simply very low compared to the rest of the cameras that we have seen.

The Bottom Line

This camera is easy to use between the main entrance to the house or in the most frequented rooms. You can activate it and use still access it remotely


What to Look Out for In Wireless IP Camera

IP Cameras come with so many specs. This might make it hard for you to figure out what you need. Even so, here are a few tips that can start you off.

Camera Use

If you intend to use your best Wireless IP Camera for security, specs such as night vision, infrared, and sound detectors become very important. An indoor camera on the other side only needs the right lens

Storage Style

Cloud storage is the new thing for best outdoor IP camera. Such storage capacity makes it easy to rewind your clips and also to keep evidence for reference. Some models have SD Cards. But such do have limited capacity.

The Pricing

If the price is right, you will buy. If it isn’t you may strain to buy. Finding a Wireless IP Camera that suits your budget is very important. Ideal models may even require additional fee to record and store your videos.

The Setting

How your camera views are also important. A camera that provides a high lens power is very ideal in giving clear images. Make sure you have the very best one.

Maintenance Tips

With the Wireless IP Cameras, the one thing you should never do is to open up the components. In case it breaks down to get an expert.  Also, read the best outdoor security camera reviews for tips.


Frequently Asked Questions

You may be battling with a few loose ends. You don’t have to. We have also highlighted a few questions to get you started.

Which is the Best outdoor IP camera?

Whichever the type, best outdoor IP cameras have awesome advantages. However, the best IP Cameras are recommended as they are movable and also easy to set discreetly. Wired are usually fixed.

What is a Bullet Camera?

This is a wireless camera that is shaped like a bullet. They are good for high surfaces such as walls, ceilings, and corner stands. They are different from dome cameras.

Why do I Need a Night Vision Camera?

Such cameras come readily equipped with the ability to capture images in dark areas. They use infrared LEDs to keep your home safe.

With our best Wireless IP Camera reviews, you should enjoy top security in your home. Choose the best option and enjoy a timely response to emergencies.

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