Best Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaners – 2019 Top Picks

With the best automatic toilet bowl cleaners, keeping your toilet clean and fresh has never been easier. You can click or press on it to spread. You can also drop it in and your porcelain will be 99% disinfected. Trust me, automatic toilet bowl cleaners are the latest continuous cleaning in one easy to use pack! Once you apply them, they will automatically clean your toilet for quite some time, say 3 months with every flush. Say no to the toilet bacteria with the latest deodorizing and bleaching automatic toilet cleaners and keep your loved ones safe.

The Smartest Guide to Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Worried about toilet odor, smell toilet, or dirty toilet? It’s your time to shine. Use the Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner, a simple, affordable remedy that will leave your toilet sparkling clean. The best automatic toilet cleaners are easy to use. They have a simple DIY method that requires less energy, time, and no expertise at all. If you choose to use a toilet cleaner here are the simple tips to keep in mind.

How Does Using the Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner Help You?

There are so many benefits to using the very best toilet cleaners. You may not realize if you have never used before. However, home care experts have out that toilet bowl cleaners are simply amazing and have the following benefits.

  • Clean your toilet faster, easier, and with a single flush.
  • It saves so much time and energy that homeowners spend scrubbing toilets.
  • Washes off all the stubborn stains leaving your toilet sparkling clean.
  • It uses a simple DIY procedure that’s less costly and requires no prior expertise.
  • Will prevent the buildup of toilet scales, rings, and scum around the toilet bowl.
  • Kills up to 99% of toilet germs, and bacteria thus keeping your family free from infections.
  • Keeps off toilet odors and smell. Some are perfumed and will leave your toilet smelling nice.
  • Are friendly to the nostrils and doesn’t release any harsh fumes to the environment.
  • It is non-corrosive and thus not destructive to any plumbing and septic systems.
  • Usually readily available and thus doesn’t leave you with a hard time finding.

How to Use the Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Generally using the toilet bowl cleaners is never hard. It requires you to read the toilet bowl cleaner use manual and follow the underlined procedure. In many occasions, it will also be very important that you determine the type of automatic toilet bowl cleaner that you want to use first before you find a method.

Some of the most common types of toilet bowl cleaners that you will find on the market today include liquids, gels, and tablets. Thick viscous liquids can be clicked on regulators to spread; gels will be pressed or attached to the toilet bowl rim, while tablets are often left to sit in tanks and dissolve.

Even so, there is always a simple procedure for cleaning your toilet using a toilet bowl cleaner. Here is the step by step toilet bowl cleaner guide that will work miracles in your toilet and leave it super clean always.

Top 7 Best Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaners


I am now going to list some of the top 7 best automatic toilet bowl cleaners for you. They are very dependable for home use. My list doesn’t start from the very best but rather it reflects the user reviews and what we found out when we tried out some of these automatic bowl cleaners.

Fluidmaster Flush ‘N’ Sparkle Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The Fluidmaster Flush ‘N’ Sparkle is the bomb! It is one of the best automatic toilet bowl cleaners for the most modern homes. The product comes is a catch sparkling package and only at about 16 USD. The best part about the Fluidmaster Flush ‘N’ Sparkle is its durability. Additionally, it is easy to use. It also has an easy to install an in-tank system that automatically releases the cleaning detergent. Of the many automatic cleaning bowls that I have seen, the Fluidmaster Flush ‘N’ Sparkle dispenser releases a metered amount of cleanser directly into the bowl cleaning the toilet for over 3 months. If you want something easy to keep viruses and bacteria away use the Fluidmaster Flush ‘N’ Sparkle.


  • Very easy to use
  • It is highly durable
  • Comes with an easy to install an in-tank system.
  • Has a dispenser that releases metered amounts of cleanser.
  • Leaves no damaging residue or chemicals in the tank system.
  • Has a safe to handle cleanser cartridge. You can handle without gloves.


  • You have to keep checking to know if it is used up.
  • Not quite safe for kids if left lying around carelessly.





X-14 Bleaching Automatic Toilet Cleaner

The X-14 269070 Bleaching Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner, wasn’t my best choice per say, but very many users had nothing but praises for it. Our research found out that this toilet bowl cleaner is quite effective and would kill up to 99.9% bacteria. However, there is something that I loved from the X-14 269070 Bleaching Automatic Toilet Cleaner, the cleaner keeps water crystal clear, that’s something for me! It cleans with every flush and would last for over a month. It is easy to use and will clean, deodorize, and bleach out any stains. If you are using the X-14 269070 you do not need a dispenser. Simply flush the toilet and when the water in the tank is low drop the tab directly in the bottom of the tank.


  • Keeps the bowl extremely clean. Top Cleaner!
  • Very affordable go for about 21 USD alone.
  • Cleans freshens and deodorizes always.
  • Safe to handle even when not wearing gloves.


  • Has no dispenser/ cartridge
  • May harm tank components over continuous use.


Kaboom Scrub Free Continuous CleanKaboom Scrub Free Continuous Clean

Maybe, one of the most affordable toilet cleaners, the Kaboom scrub free toilet bowl cleaner is simply appealing in many ways. According to the user reviews, Kaboom is a scrub free toilet bowl cleaner. What this means is, it saves you energy and time. Additionally, it cleans every flush! That’s how automatic it is. When installing the Kaboom Toilet Bowl Cleaner, you don’t need any tool. The package includes one cartridge that you can use. And the flush is continuous for over two months. It clips the pack on the bank of the tank. If you want to install it remember the following. Find the existing refill tube in your tank and attach to the side of the system that has no tube. Then put the other tube in the overflow pipe. Use the attached clip to do so. Open your Kaboom!


  • Comes with up to 3 refill pouches
  • You can attach it in the tank system
  • It has a slow release of detergent to kill bacteria
  • One of the most affordable automatic cleaners
  • Long lasting and quite enjoyable to use


  •  Need a tank system for installation.



Lysol Click Gel Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

If you want another best automatic toilet bowl cleaner for your home use, you should try the 12 Pack Lysol Click Gel Ocean Fresh Scent Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner. The cleaner comes in a gel-like the name suggests! It comes with a gel applicator that you press against the side of the toilet bowl until it clicks. Once it clicks you can then run your toilet. 12 Pack Lysol Click Gel Ocean Fresh Scent Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner is awesome for a small household as one pack only cleans for about a week or two. Well, the cleaning is automatic but the pack comes with no installation cartridge.


  • Comes with 12 disposable gel applicators
  • Easy to apply and use in your toilet
  • Keeps the toilet extremely clean/ kills bacteria
  • No worry of wastage as the gel is self-sticking.
  • Has no scouring effect on the toilet bowl.


  •  It lasts only a week.
  • The pack comes with no automatic installation cartridge.





Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner comes in a 3.5-ounce toilet bowl cleaner tablets. The tablets have a bleaching effect. The tablets have the capacity to kill germs and bacteria up to about 99.9%. A single pack will offer you a continuous toilet bowl cleaning for up to 3 months. It has also a deodorizing effect the keep the toilet free of any smells. Because of its Clorox bleaching power, the cleaner is able to repel tough stains that would make the toilet bowl look really awful. The cleaner is quite affordable but compared to other best automatic toilet bowl cleaners at 18 USD it might be a little pricey. To sanitize, clean and deodorize the toilet, do not touch the tablet directly simply flush the toilet to leave the water level low. Drop tablet into a rear corner of the tank. Wait for a tablet to be dissolved and replaced with a new one.


  • Lasts up to two months plus
  • Easy to use and work with at home.
  • Effective in keeping bacteria away.
  • Has a bleaching effect that keeps stains away.



  • Has no dispenser/ cartridge
  • May harm tank components over continuous use.

NeverScrub Automatic Toilet Cleaner

With dirty toilets, you could scrub and scrub until your hands are sore but those stubborn stains and toilet ring scums keep coming back. Don’t worry; the Never Scrub Improved Automatic Toilet Cleaning System is to easy your problems.

This toilet cleaner installs in seconds. You never require and tools and you won’t have to touch the toilet tanks water. Once installed, the toilet cleaner injects its cleaning power into the toilet system, keeping the system fresh and super hygienic.

Never Scrub Automatic Toilet Cleaner


The Never Scrub Improved Automatic Toilet Cleaning System lasts for months and you can continue a worry-free cleaning pattern before, during, and after every flush. Never Scrub cleaning system is the bomb and believe it or not you never have to scrub your toilet again.

It removes everyday stains, clears harmful deposits, and keeps the nooks and crannies sparkling clean. With this toilet cleaner, you never have to worry about bacteria hiding right under your toilet rim.

With Never Scrub all you’ve got to do is use the toilet, close the bowl, and let this toilet cleaner to release its no-annoying blue cleaning power into your toilet. It prevents toilets stains from forming and keeps the toilet running efficiently for months.

Even more, its cool scent leaves your toilet smelling fresh all day long.


  • Keeps toilet clean
  • Very much affordable
  • Won’t damage your septic
  • Easy to Install with tooless touch
  • Easy to twist and refill
  • Cleans with every flash
  • Deodorizes with every flash
  • You can use without gloves safely


  • Needs a routine refill
  • Needs care when installing

Scrubbing Bubbles Continuous Clean Drop-Ins

If you desire an easy toilet cleaning system with a one-step system, I will recommend the Scrubbing Bubbles Blue Disc Continuous Clean Drop-Ins in a pack of six for all your home’s toilet cleaning needs.

I used this toilet cleaner in my bathroom and I had a great experience with it. Thanks to its few simple cleaning processes and I was good to go.

The toilet cleaner comes with “Drop-In” tablets. To start your cleaning process all you need to do is wait until the water in your toilet bowl settles at its lowest point.

Then tear and drop a single tablet inside the bowl and wait for it to sit for about 10 minutes until it’s slightly dissolved.

Scrubbing Bubbles Continuous Clean Drop-Ins

Remember one drop-in disc lasts for up to 4 weeks and comes with a drop in pouch that will help you to suspend it in the toilet.

You can then flush the toilet and watch as the stubborn stains are washed away so fast and pretty easily.

More importantly, this cleaning system comes with a contraction system that you can use to get an easy 360 degrees under the toilet rim cleaning touch.

The process is simple and will easily leave your toilet with the sparkle that you actually need all day long.

Use the Scrubbing Bubbles Blue Disc Continuous Clean Drop-Ins and remain assured of the 30 super clean days for your toilet!


  • Keeps toilet bowl stain free
  • Removes hard water stains
  • Has 3 toilet ring removal discs
  • Lasts longer and works better
  • Comes with a drop in pouch
  • Easy to install and work with
  • Very affordable for use


  • Needs some extent of monitoring
  • Some don’t come with the blue color



Buying Consideration for the Best Automatic Toilet Cleaner

When buying the best automatic toilet cleaners, it is very important to consider a number of factors. Some of these factors that I have come to learn and which we recommend are the following.


Pricing is the key. How much does your best automatic toilet cleaner costs? Is it within your budget? Can you easily afford it? How often can the price allow you to enjoy a continuous buy? All these are very important part of the price to keep in mind before committing your money.


You have seen that we have very many types of cleaners. We have tablets and gels. You should choose what is best for your needs. The type that you love will depend on how you want your toilet bowl to be looked after. Indeed I love gels because they are easy to apply and use always.


Talking of period I mean the length of time that your cleaner would last. Tablets could last about 3 months. However, you need to feed them in the tank quite often. This is extremely exhaustive sometimes. Gels if they are sticking gels will give you an easy time and could run for a week.


User reviews play a key role. The reason for this is simple. You will only realize how best the automatic toilet cleaners are after using them. Getting a fast hand experience from someone that has used it before gives you the best picture of what to expect. It is therefore very important that you sample a few user reviews.


Apart from killing bacteria and keeping germs away, is there any other thing that you could enjoy? Some toilet bowl cleaners will come with deodorizing effects. Others have bleaching effects to keep stains away. Such additions would give you more for less. It is a way of cost-cutting.

Step By Step Guide on How to Clean Your Toilet Using the Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Step I: Get Every Cleaning Tool Required

This makes it easy to clean. You don’t have to move around with dirty hands soling the rest of the house. The best tools required to give your toilet bowl a super scrub include the following ones.

  • Gloves
  • Eye protectors
  • Toilet bowl scrubbing brush
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Disinfectant Spray.

Step II: Wear Protective Gears and Clean

Start off with your toilet bowl. Depending on your chosen toilet bowl cleaner, stick, throw in, or apply the Toilet Bowl Cleaner. If you are sticking or applying do so under the rim of your toilet bowl seat. Let it sit for some time and as directed by the user manual.

Step III: Clean Outside Of The Bowl Too

If your toilet bowl is raised, clean the outside. Here is how to clean the outside of your toilet bowl faster.

  • Slide back the lid to close the toilet bowl.
  • Spray outside with the disinfectant.
  • Clean from the top of the tank to the bottom
  • Use a scrubbing brush to clean off the stains.
  • Rinse with a sponge and hot water to remove disinfectant.

Step IV: Clean the Inside and Finish Up

  • Now pop the lid open to reveal the inside.
  • Use a brush to scrub off the loose toilet bowl stains.
  • Start by working on and under the rim of the toilet bowl.
  • Wash off the loose dirt
  • Add disinfectant to kill germs and bacteria.
  • If some stains persist add your Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner and redo the process.

Step V:   Rinse Your Toilet Bowl Enough Times

At step four above, you should be done with cleaning your toilet using a toilet bowl cleaner of your choice. If the stains don’t persist you can jump straight to rinsing your toilet bowl as much as you’d love to until your toilet bowl is sparkling clean.

How to Get the Most Affordable Toilet Bowl Cleaner for Your Use

We all need to cut costs sometimes. Even more, we need a product that we can manage to buy frequently. This means that the product should be within our budget as we may need it for a long term solution. Here are the simplest tips to getting the most affordable cleaner for your toilet bowls.

  • Look for Price Discounts: If the price has a discount you might just have the right thing for a low price.
  • Get a Freebie if Possible: Buy one get one free offer are some of the most common ways to get more for less.
  • Buy in Bulk if You Can: The more you buy the lesser amount of money you will pay. It is therefore important to buy more and get a bargain.
  • Look for Sale Bonanzas: Sale bonanzas are perfect for quick buys. End year sales promos and also clearance of old stock are some of the best options.

Smart Tips When Buying Your Favorite Toilet Bowl Cleaner

With so many options to go with, you might easily get confused on what to buy. You don’t have to anymore. Here are the simplest toilet bowl cleaners buying tips that will come in really handy when you are choosing the best cleaners for your toilet bowls.

Friendly to the Environment

Toilet bowl cleaners should not emit toxins or highly volatile substances that may harm the environment. Always look for eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaners including ones with the label across the package.

Find the Right Price Always

Like we have seen above, you need something that you can afford. The price should be right. Always look out for a price that suits your budget. Additionally, you should remember that pricey doesn’t always mean the best.

Easy of Consumer Usage Too

Does it need you to simply click, stick, or drop to apply? Or does it require you to make additional messy mixtures? Look for something that’s easy to use as it will be less messy and will require less energy to work with.

Know the Making Ingredients

Many cleaning agents that are manufactured today are toxic. They can easily cause allergies and trigger chronic illnesses. Therefore firms that make toilet bowl cleaners should reveal their ingredients – to tip you of how friendly they are.

Think about Product Quality

Quality is no mean issue. We all need to find a product that matches up to the pricing. For the good toilet bowl cleaner, quality is measured by the efficacy and how user-friendly the cleaner is. Read online reviews to find out more on quality.

The Types of Toilet Cleaner

Toilet bowl cleaners come in various types. They include gels and tablets. The type you choose depends on your needs. You should look for one that’s easy for you to use and which allows you to get quality clean up.

Look Through User Reviews

The previous users had a firsthand experience. You can learn a lot from them before you actually choose to pay up for the same type of automatic toilet bowl cleaner. Always read through their reviews to know what to expect from the cleaner too.

The Health Needs of Your Family

Your loved ones’ health is a priority. That is why you need to find a toilet bowl cleaner that takes their needs into considerations. Some of these needs will include allergies, chronic illnesses such as cancer, asthma, and nausea. Because many toilet bowl cleaners may use harsh substances at manufacture it is important to understand what you bring home.

The Brand of the Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Some brands are known to manufacture the best products. If you know of numerous recommendations for a toilet bowl cleaner especially from users, you can always bet your money on the same brand.

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Toilet Bowl Cleaners

The more you ask the more you know. Customers will never run out of questions. But that’s good to know as you can always shed some light. It helps with reviews too. Here are some of the most FAQs about the best toilet bowl cleaners.

What are the Types of Toilet Bowl Cleaners that We Have?

Contrary to the tow that many people highlight on, there are usually three basic types of toilet bowl cleaners. They include tablets, gels, and thick viscous liquids. Your choice depends on your preferences.

What Additives Can a Good Toilet Bowl Cleaner Come With?

Some of the best toilet bowl cleaners will come with additional scents. Floral scents are some of the most environment friendly options. They will easily leave your toilet bowl smelling nice. Other toilet bowl cleaners are able to clean and disinfect your toilet bowl at the same time. You don’t have to buy a disinfectant.

What Should You Do to Keep Your Toilet Clean?

  • Flush your toilet after every use.
  • Clean your toilet with a good Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Stick with automatic toilet bowl cleaners – they never soil the shower/ house
  • Always scrub your toilet bowl before a stain sticks out.
  • Wipe the rim down after every use.

What Can the Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner do differently?

It will kill up to 99% of germs and bacteria. It will also repel (keep at bay) stubborn stains from your toilet bowl. And above all, it will help to clean out already formed/ scaling stains from your toilet bowl.

How Does the Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner Work?

Depending on the toilet bowl cleaner that you have; your toilet bowl cleaner will work as unique as it is supposed to. Here is how the most common cleaners will work.

  • Tablets – Drop in Tank
  • Gels – Stick under the toilet rim
  • Thick Liquids – Click/ Press applicator to spread in a bowl.

What Safety Precautions Should I Take While Using Toilet Bowl Cleaner?

There are very simple safety precautions. First, you should wear all your protective gears including eye protectors. Next, you should keep the children out of the toilet. And above all make sure there is no loose end object that could fall on your head.

How Can I Find the Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner?

You can ask loved ones for recommendations. You can also browse the net and sample up a few from expert reviews. You can ask home care experts around your area. Above all look for ingredients to know if the toilet bowl cleaner is best for your loved ones.

How Long Can the Toilet Cleaner Last?

That should depend solely on your use. If you apply more toilet bowl cleaner, you will finish it up faster. The same should apply to how often you use your toilet. If your toilet is often used more, you will flush more and will also clean often as the toilet gets dirty faster.

What are Some Of The Common Toilet Bowl Cleaner Scents that I can Find?

There is quite a number. The most common ones include floral and fruit scents. These will possibly include Jasmine, Grapevine, and Rosemary, among many other scents. Your choice depends solely on what you really love.

What Types of Dispensations Do We Have?

Toilet bowl cleaners can be dispensed in various ways. For the heavy liquids, it is usually done with the aid of nozzle applicators, gels will go with stick-on rim aid or simple tubal applicators. Some of the tablets can even be hung in toilet tanks using strings.

The type of toilet bowl cleaner that you choose depends on your needs. If your family is allergic to perfumes, you may have to walk away from the scented automatic toilet bowl cleaners. Again if you don’t like coming into contact with the toilet bowl much, a drop in a tablet or automatic cleaner will be your best solution.

When buying the best automatic toilet bowl cleaners you should always go for something that is easy to use. They should also have additional offers including self-stick options, deodorizing effects, bleaching effects, cartridges, appealing packs, and many more. But most of all you should make sure that the cleaner you choose is safe and poses no fatal threats.

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