Awesome Spices Storage Solutions

Do you keep your spices organized? Are you out of kitchen storage? Here are some awesome spices storage solutions, which are ideal for small kitchens and for lack of proper storage space.

Without spices our lives would be miserable. Trust me, I am saying this as somebody, who spends most of her time in the kitchen cooking various homemade meals for her family. And my kitchen isn’t a celebrity chef’s kitchen – it’s relatively small and sometimes it just can’t handle all the storage I need. Thus, I’m constantly trying to find new ways to improve my small kitchen’s storage space and to find new storage solutions, especially when it comes to my beloved and needed spices. So, without any further ado, here’s my list of awesome spices storage ideas for small kitchens.

Pull-out Racks and Drawers

One of the best solutions for spices storage is the so called pull-put rack or drawer. Now, if you don’t have such built-in spice storage racks, you can either make them yourself or you can get them from a professional. You don’t need to remodel your entire kitchen just to find a solution to your lack of storage space. Home Depot offers a variety of pull-out racks and drawers, most of which are made especially for spices storage and for small kitchen spaces. This particular pull-out rack is built for solving your problem when it comes to upper cabinet storage. It’s affordable and it’s perfect for a small selection of spices. The more expensive version is designed for counters. I recommend getting the second one, as it offers more storage space and it’s easier to install it in your counter rather than in the upper cabinets of your small kitchen.

Hack Your Furniture

Have you ever heard of hacking your furniture? This is an awesome spice storage idea and it can come in handy in so many ways! By hacking your already built-in furniture you can easily install an additional narrow drawer for spice storage or for any other type of kitchen storage. You can also add a shelving frame to your cabinet’s door and use it for extra storage space! Do you want to discover another brilliant spice storage solution? You can hack a kitchen island and build a small, hollow area inside it. This way you’ll have additional storage space for all of your spices – hidden, genius and absolutely neat!

Awesome Spices Storage Solutions

Use special spice racks for maximizing your available kitchen storage space

The pre-built spice racks, which you can find in your local dollar store and everywhere online, are an awesome solution to your spice storage related problem. If you want a cheap solution with a super easy installation, I would recommend SpiceStor’s clip organizer. It costs only $19,99, it’s perfect for small kitchens and it’s manufactured with the idea of offering an easy and affordable spice storage solution. This awesome clip organizer is made out of plastic and it features a total of 40 clippers! Amazon also offers a neat spice storage rack from Rev-A-Shelf for $38. It’s made out of wooden base, it has a total of 3 shelves and it features special brackets, which you can mount to your cabinet’s door. These racks are an absolute must-have item for spice storage in small kitchens.

DIY Projects

DIY projects are an awesome storage idea for every single room, not just for a small kitchen, which lacks storage space. One super easy, neat, cheap and effective DIY project for spice storage is the Tic-Tac spice container. The Kitchn offers an awesome tutorial on how to do these space-saving spice containers. Another DIY spice storage solution is re-purposing Ikea’s items. You can get one of Ikea’s cheap curtain rods and a set of their curtain rings with clips. How will this offer a solution to your lack of spice storage? It’s simple. You can use tiny bags to store your spices and then to hang them on the rod – wherever you want them to be! If you have a tiny kitchen and you’re looking for the ultimate space and money saving spice storage idea, this should be among your top choices!

Magnetic Spice Racks

Among all of those awesome spice storage solutions out there the magnetic spice racks are probably the best, even for small kitchens. You can find these types of spice racks almost everywhere, but some of them won’t come in cheap sets. Fortunately, there are ways to make your own racks and to modify them so they’ll fit your personal needs and preferences. Instructables have published an amazing tutorial, which is basically your ultimate spice storage solution when it comes to magnetic spice racks. Head over there and check it out. The step-by-step tutorial is great, the materials are cheap and the entire process is super easy!

Spices On The Fridge? Absolutely!

Some people find the perfect spice storage solution by storing their spices in the fridge. But have you heard about displaying your spice collection ON the fridge? It’s an innovative, creative and fun idea, which is perfect for small kitchens and lack of proper kitchen storage in cabinets and counters. Lauren from One Lucky Pickle offers a guide and a tutorial for this particular storage solution idea. I, personally, fell in love with the idea of solving your spice storage related problem by using the fridge’s magnetic surface! This storage idea is perfect for even the tiniest kitchen out there and it’s definitely a truly creative way to store all of your spices!

These are the best spice storage solutions and they are perfect for any type of kitchen, but most of all – they are affordable, creative and absolutely awesome! Check out the rest of our storage ideas, tips and tricks for small kitchen spaces – after all, your kitchen doesn’t need only spice racks and you need to be able to store everything in it!

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