5 Things a Homeowner Must Know Before Calling in a Plumber

For a home owner plumbers are very important people. You will call them when you want your homes fixes to be repaired including clogged drains, broken drain pipes, burst water pipes, water heater maintenance, and installation of a water filter. Ideally, plumbers are very vital people to have around. But before calling in any professional plumber, here are some things that you should know.


Know the exact place water comes into your home and how it can be shut off. Water supply shut offs are done by a “shut-off valve.” Shut off valves are located in such a way that when turned off they will cut off the whole water supply to every section of your home/ property. Shut off valves should be maintained to prevent breakages. Knowing where it is will save your plumber a lot of time in case of emergencies.


Know whether you are using the city sewer or a septic system. Homes that use city sewers have numerous pipes that join together to the main sewer line before sending all the waste to the major city sewer. Before calling in a plumber know the point of entry through which the lateral line from your home runs. You should also know the location of your septic for ideal annual maintenance plan and efficiency.



Know if all your drains are accessible during cleaning or not. The truth is sewer clean-outs are as important as the shut off valves in your homes. They are great at avoiding any potential hazards including clogged drains, leaky drain pipes, backed up drains, and drain odor among the rest. But before calling in any professional plumber for a possible clean out, ensure that all your drains have a way to access them easily.


Know the main signs of malfunctions. Your home has numerous parts in its drain systems. It is very important to know the main signs of malfunctions. This will help you to make up your mind whether to call in a plumber of not. Here are some of the most ideal signs the experts from heating in Ridgewood NJ companies suggest you could watch out for before calling in a professional plumber for services.

  • Leaky showers and faucets even when shut off.
  • Drain odors and toilet tanks that won’t fill up water.
  • Strange noises from your home’s water heater.
  • Irregular on and off hot water supply across the home.
  • Low or very high water pressure across your supply.


Know also the types of pipes that your home has and how old they are. Usually clay pipes and galvanized pipes are used for many older piping options. These ones can easily corrode or rot. Replacing them is therefore highly advisable. For the newer versions many homes use PVC, Copper, or PEX. These are made to last and even beat corrosion. For a quick help, know which types of pipes your home has.

In order to make your plumbers job really easy, you should understand how your homes plumbing system operates. You should even know which type of water heater you have and how old it is.

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