5 Awesome DIY Projects For Your Bedroom

Are you a sucker for DIY projects? Do you feel like your bedroom needs a little bit of remodeling and refreshing? Here are 5 awesome DIY ideas for renovating your bedroom – simple, easy and impressive.

The bedroom is an area for rest, for comfort, and sometimes even for creativity. My all-time favorite types of bedroom DIY projects are center pieces. Throw pillows, candles, decorative elements, accent walls – basically anything that can show my personality and my taste. So, today I want to share with all of you a short selection of 5 absolutely amazing DIY projects suitable for tiny, spacious, strict, shared, minimalistic, vintage…. Basically, all of these 5 ideas are perfectly applicable for any bedroom style and any amount of available space.

No-sew Throw Pillows

There are countless possibilities of variables of DIY pillows. This particular project, however, is for bedroom throw pillows. The awesome thing about them is that there’s no need to sew anything. That’s right – no threads, no buttons, no zippers, no nothing! You’ll need the following items for this DIY project:

5 Awesome DIY Projects For Your Bedroom

  • Any fabric of choice
  • A pair of scissors
  • Velcro fabric fusion
  • Some no-sew hemming tape (also known as fusible bonding web)
  • An iron
  • And some fluff to insert in your pillow cases

You can find the original tutorial posted on The Chick Site. The instructions are super easy to follow, there are some handy tips and tricks, and the step-by-step tutorial comes with amazing photos so that you can visualize each step of the instructions.

Gallery Wall

Displaying pictures, visual quotes, paintings and other types of visuals in your bedroom is a great way to express your style and to showcase your family photographs, your diplomas, your personal inspirational motto, and so forth. In this case Two Twenty One offers an unusual and artsy way to create a centerpiece wall in your bedroom (or any other room in that matter) with the help of some cheap frames, photos, and everything else you’d like to hang on your wall.

5 Awesome DIY Projects For Your Bedroom

Bedside Locker From an Upcycled Stool

Upcycling is an awesome way to re-use and re-purpose an old piece of furniture and to create something new, pretty and purposeful out of it. In this case the guys over at Ikea Hackers have transformed an Ikea stool into an amazing bedside locker. This DIY project offers a neat, creative and genius way to store your belongings and to bring something personal to your bedroom furniture. Ikea’s items are easy to assemble and this particular project doesn’t require much effort or materials:

  • A stool
  • Some fabric of choice
  • A couple of drawer slides
  • A staple gun
  • And white paint (optional)

Bedside Locker From an Upcycled Stool

Tiny Wall Mounted Nightstands

This particular DIY project is ideal for tiny bedrooms where standard nightstands take up too much of the precious space.

  • 2 or 4 corbels (depending on how many nightstands you want to make)
  • One or two pine boards/ cutting boards
  • A drilling machine
  • Nails/ screws
  • Paint of choice

5 Awesome DIY Projects For Your Bedroom

This tutorial comes from Little Green Notebook with pictures showing the step-by-step process. The materials are extremely cheap and the entire project doesn’t take up much time. On top of it all, it looks absolutely artsy and stylish. You can adapt this DIY project to your own bedroom’s style by choosing the right corbels from your local hardware store and by painting/ decorating your nightstands according to your own preferences.

Storage Bed Frame

Last, but not least, is a rather tricky DIY project from How To Specialist. It’s basically a how-to guide on building your personal storage bed frame, which you can place in your own bedroom, the kids room, or the guest bedroom. It requires a lot of woodwork, so if you’re not familiar with any woodworking and you don’t have friends who can help you out with it, it will be a hard and confusing process. This DIY project requires:

  • Wooden frame/ bench/ scale pieces of plywood and lumber
  • Drilling tools and materials
  • Paint of choice
  • Drawer pulls and drawer slides
  • Wood stain
  • Wood glue
  • A saw (this is optional and you won’t need it if you already have pre-made wood pieces)

Storage Bed Frame

The step-by-step tutorial is definitely one of the most fascinating and entertaining woodwork DIY projects I’ve ever come across and the final product will come in handy. After all, who doesn’t need some extra storage space?

You can adapt every single one of these 5 awesome DIY projects for your bedroom’s personal style and you can personalize the final results as much as you need. If I have to be completely honest, I wouldn’t mind getting on to crafting some of those no-sew throw pillows. In fact, I would love to make more than just “some” throw pillows. They are simply irresistible and they offer so much diversity in styles, shapes and sizes!

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